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Wisconsin Students Take Protest To House Speaker's Backyard

A week after the national school walkout, some Wisconsin students are going the extra mile, or in one case 50, to protest gun violence. The students will begin the four-day, 50-mile march from Madison to Janesville this weekend, the day after nationwide March For Our Lives rallies.

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Teran Powell

Milwaukee area youth and others pushing for tougher gun laws participated in a local March For Our Lives event on Saturday morning. The city was one of many participating in the demonstrations. Hundreds gathered in front of the Milwaukee County Courthouse for the rally, which included speeches from young people. 

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Since the election of President Donald Trump, the conversation around U.S. immigration has been tense. As Trump’s calls for a border wall have become more fervent, the realities of what it takes to emigrate to this country have often been obscured. Marquette University hoped to illuminate the experience of crossing the U.S. border in an immersive spring break trip to Texas.

Maayan Silver

The 2018 Winter Olympic Games and the Paralympics that followed it both played out in Pyeongchang, South Korea.  Both games were praised for the way they were run and the example it set for unification and sportsmanship.  But for some of us, the Olympics may have sparked a bigger interest in understanding Korean culture.

WUWM's latest Project Milwaukee series, To Protect and Serve, airs March 26-30.  It will focus on relations between law enforcement and the community it is sworn to protect, at a time of major transition.  We preview the series with two of the people that helped shape it - Ann-Elise Henzl, WUWM News director and Audrey Nowakowski, Lake Effect producer and Project Milwaukee co-executive producer.

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Many science fiction movies qualify as visual spectacles, but there are only a select few that bring up the essential question of what it means to be human.

Alex Garland has been a novelist since the 1980s and emerged to mainstream audiences as a formidable science fiction screenwriter and director with Ex Machina four years ago.

Both that film and his latest, Annihilation, leave audiences pondering far after the credits roll.

What's The Story With Milwaukee's Police Call Boxes?

Mar 23, 2018
Kristine Hinrichs

Even if you’ve spent only a little time in Milwaukee, you’ve likely noticed some unusual figures lurking on city sidewalks. They’re big and blue, dotting street corners across Milwaukee. 

One sits right outside Kristine Hinrichs’ condo downtown, on the corner of 3rd Street and St. Paul Avenue.

“I’ve lived downtown almost 25 years, and they’re everywhere,” Hinrichs remarks.

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The group Freshwater For Life Action Coalition formed out of concern about Milwaukee’s lead in water problem. FLAC spokesperson Robert Miranda requested records from January 2015 through 2017 of meetings Mayor Barrett held with the Milwaukee Health Department. He wanted to determine how frequently the mayor was updated on the health department’s progress in informing the public.

Essay: A Place Where Water Sparkles

Mar 22, 2018
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In honor of International Water Day, essayist Eric Hansen offers this meditation on water. 

We know we are fortunate to spend our days here, in a land we know as Wisconsin -- a place where water sparkles -- and is well worth caring for. Where gurgling streams and wave-washed shores sooth our lives.

Where the bubbling springs of the Moraine Country -- and the timeless flow of the Mukwonago River -- brighten our Sunday afternoons. Where a canoe trip to Horicon Marsh -- or the Wolf River is a nearby treat.


Last month our Astro Chat with contributor Dr. Jean Creighton began a short series on the impact NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has had on our understanding of the universe.

Previously, we talked about how the Hubble confirmed for us that the universe is expanding. This month, it's all about exoplanets. As Creighton points out, "the Hubble Space Telescope was not the first instrument that saw exoplanets. But it was one of the first that could photograph an exoplanet."

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A judge in Dane County Thursday ordered Gov. Scott Walker to call special elections for two vacated legislative seats.  The ruling follows arguments in a lawsuit brought by a group led by former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. 

Republican Sen. Frank Lasee of De Pere and Republican state Rep. Keith Ripp of Lodi resigned in December to take jobs in the Walker Administration. Walker scheduled the elections to replace the two men for fall, saying he wanted to save taxpayer money.