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Milwaukee Uses Asphalt to Buy Roads More Time

Local roads across Wisconsin are in need of repair. Democratic state Sen. Jennifer Shilling recently called on GOP lawmakers to help fix the problem.
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Recently, a young man was shot in Milwaukee. Hours after leaving the hospital, he showed up at All People’s Church in the Harambee neighborhood. He stood before the congregation and asked for help. He wondered why he had survived, and what he could do to change his life.

Faith leaders see firsthand how violence impacts their community. They’re expected to provide answers to the difficult questions.

Precious Lives' Brad Lichtenstein talks with three pastors who lead congregations with different relationships to violence.

A prominent Democratic lawmaker wants to shake up the Milwaukee County Executive’s office.

State Sen. Chris Larson of Milwaukee announced Monday that he will challenge incumbent Chris Abele in April.

The election promises to be competitive.

Larson announced his bid outside his childhood home in Greenfield. Flanked by his parents, wife and two small children, Larson said he’s been mulling his decision for months.

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Until this year, the Haggerty Museum of Art at Marquette University had only had two directors in its 30-plus year history.

After Wally Mason left the museum to take a similar job in Nebraska, the university hired Susan Longhenry. She was director of the Harwood Museum of Art in Taos, New Mexico.

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It’s been 38 years since the Mary Tyler Moore Show left the airwaves, but it’s still regarded by many TV critics as both one of the funniest and most innovative sitcoms of all time. That’s partly because of the great writers and producers, but especially because of the show’s namesake.

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Millennials make up the largest portion of Wisconsin's workforce, according to U.S. Census Current Population Surveys data. 

Many large cities across the country saw dramatic spikes in homicides this summer, and Milwaukee has experienced among the most dramatic year-to-year spikes in violence.

But if you visit some Milwaukee neighborhoods, you're likely to find people who have been working for decades to keep their community safe.

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The GOP continues to exercise total control over Wisconsin government. And, Republican leaders are using their majority to advance party priorities.

Just late last week, Gov. Walker appointed conservative Appeals Judge Rebecca Bradley to the state Supreme Court. She’ll finish the term of the late Justice Patrick Crooks, who was viewed as the court’s lone swing vote.

Ex Fabula: Underestimated

Oct 10, 2015

Have you ever been told: "You can’t do that”? Or worse, told yourself, “I could never do that.” Self-doubt and negativity are the Kryptonite to success. When we underestimate ourselves or others, two things can happen: the stinking thinking wins and we give up or being underestimated becomes a challenge and we work twice as hard to prove to ourselves and/or others that we can do it.

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If a movie passes the Bechdel test, it features at least two women talking to each other about a subject besides a man. There are more of those films than there used to be, but they’re still not a given in Hollywood.

However there are signs of a significant shift of sorts to more older women playing key roles. It’s a trend that our film contributor Dave Luhrssen has taken note of.

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On Friday, Gov. Scott Walker announced appellate Judge Rebecca Bradley will take the place of the late Justice N. Patrick Crooks on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Crooks passed away last month.

Gov. Walker said, "(she has) truly lived up to her promise to be a judge that demonstrates unwavering commitment to the Constitution and the rule of law in every case that comes before her."


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Clash of Generations: Millennials & Wisconsin Companies

Millennials make up the largest portion of Wisconsin's workforce, according to U.S. Census Current Population Surveys data.
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