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Kai Ryssdal

You'd never know it judging by the glitz and the glamour, but for every little gold statue handed out during the Oscars, there's all kinds of chaos that goes on beforehand.  There’s lobbying, marketing and lots and lots of money involved. But Oscar season also tends to highlight some of the ongoing struggles in Hollywood too, like gender and race equity.

The cost of raising a child prodigy

Nov 20, 2015
Dina Gachman

You might be elated that your 3-year-old can solve complex math problems or play a concerto on the baby grand, but training your kid to become the next Mozart or Fibonacci could cost you a pretty penny if you’re not careful.

“For parents of truly gifted children, it's often a financial struggle to balance a limited budget with private lessons, pricey coaches, and travel to national and international events,” writes Kate Ashford at the BBC.

Marketplace for Friday, November 20, 2015

Nov 20, 2015

A review of this week in business and finance; a billionaire energy investor shares his thoughts on climate change and the election; and the near future of mining in space.

As it grapples with an ongoing emissions cheating scandal, Volkswagen is "driving cautiously" — financially speaking.

The German carmaker is cutting spending by a billion euros ($1.07 billion) in the coming year, CEO Matthias Mueller announced Friday.

After the cuts, Volkswagen will be spending 12 billion euros in 2016, The Associated Press reports:

"Among other things, [Mueller] said Volkswagen would postpone the building of a new design center in Wolfsburg and the introduction of an all-electric Phaeton sedan, and review other projects."

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Chesapeake Energy's boom and bust

Nov 20, 2015
Scott Tong

One of the highest fliers in the nation's fracking boom is crashing hard. Chesapeake Energy, the country's second-largest natural gas producer, has seen its stock plunge more than 15 percent in two days.

Company bond prices have also fallen. And there's been a surge in bets that Chesapeake will default on its debt.

Tom Steyer talks climate change and the 2016 election

Nov 20, 2015
Kai Ryssdal and Daisy Palacios

Kai Ryssdal: Let me go first to the Keystone XL pipeline--a big, big win for you and what you’re interested in.

Don't call it a GMO

Nov 20, 2015
Tony Wagner

GMO food is kind of like hipsters. The label gets thrown around so much that it hardly means anything anymore. It's so broad that people reflect their own meaning on it depending on their agenda.

The FDA is trying to clear things up with new guidance released this week around labeling genetically modified foods that ditches "GMO" altogether. So what's what? Let's dig into a (sort of) non-GMO meal.


Men eat more at buffets in front of women

Nov 20, 2015
Kai Ryssdal

This final note on the way out today, in which men once again prove to the world that we're idiots.

A study out of Cornell University looked into behavior at all-you-can-eat Italian buffets. (No, I don't know why.) It found that men who ate with at least one woman ate nearly twice as much pizza as men who ate with just other men.

The researchers' conclusion? Men were trying to impress their female companions with their eating prowess.

Weekly Wrap: On Wall Street and beyond

Nov 20, 2015
Kai Ryssdal

Joining us to talk about the week's business and economic news are the Wall Street Journal's John Carney and Catherine Rampell from the Washington Post. The big topics discussed were: Tech IPOs, unemployment and consumer attitudes.