7:25 am
Sat July 6, 2013

One Garden's Climate Struggle (And How To Save Yours)

Many of the flowers at Hillwood are doing well despite the ever-changing local climate.
Emily Files NPR

Originally published on Sat July 6, 2013 11:44 am

At the Hillwood Estate gardens in Washington, D.C., the new norm is: "Expect the unexpected." So says volunteer coordinator Bill Johnson, who has worked on property belonging to the heiress of the Post cereal fortune for 30 years.

Like home gardeners, the horticulturalists and professional gardeners at Hillwood are confronting an unpredictable climate.

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The Salt
4:32 pm
Fri July 5, 2013

What Is Farm Runoff Doing To The Water? Scientists Wade In

Scientists with the U.S. Geological Survey sample water in Goodwater Creek, Mo., for pesticides and other chemicals that may have run off from the surrounding land.
Abbie Fentress Swanson Harvest Public Media

Originally published on Tue July 9, 2013 11:37 am

America's hugely productive food system is one of its success stories. The nation will export a projected $139.5 billion in agricultural products this fiscal year alone. It's an industry that supports "more than 1 million jobs," according to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack.

But all that productivity has taken a toll on the environment, especially rivers and lakes: Agriculture is the nation's leading cause of impaired water quality, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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2:30 pm
Fri July 5, 2013

Wisconsin's Wildlife: Book Identifies Native Animals Near You

Loons can be found in the great northern woods of Wisconsin
aaronHwarren, flickr

Lake Effect's Eleanor Peterson interviews author Candice Gaukel Andrews.

Why travel to faraway places when what is right here at home has so much to offer?

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12:55 pm
Fri July 5, 2013

With Rising Temperatures, Infrastructure Falters



Exactly a year ago this week, a video on YouTube went viral. It was called "Heat Buckles Highway, SUV Goes Airborne." A road in Wisconsin buckled so badly from the heat that it sent cars flying. Well, this year, the buckling continues. But if you're in certain parts of the country, you don't need me to tell you that. It's hot, and I'm not going to use that but-it's-a-dry-heat line, either.

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4:31 pm
Wed July 3, 2013

Groups Call for New Hearings on Waukesha Water Request

Waukesha continues its quest for Lake Michigan water

Waukesha has made major revisions in its request for Lake Michigan water, so the Dept. of Natural Resources should conduct new hearings, according to several environmental interests.

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