The Salt
3:00 pm
Thu June 13, 2013

Why Bill Gates Is Investing In Chicken-Less Eggs

At left: Beyond Eggs' egg-substitute product, a powder made of pulverized plant-based compounds. Right: Mother Nature's version.
Cody Pickens Beyond Eggs

Originally published on Fri June 14, 2013 12:34 pm

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12:56 pm
Thu June 13, 2013

What Bird Flocks And Fish Schools Can Teach Us About The Future

Originally published on Thu June 13, 2013 3:19 pm



This is TALK OF THE NATION. I'm Neal Conan.

We've all seen a flock of birds shift direction instantaneously mid-flight, or a school of fish swirl in what looked like tightly choreographed maneuvers. That's called collective behavior and it fascinated and baffled scientists. Why do they do it? How? Telepathy? Now technology is revolutionizing the way researchers can track, visualize and even create swarms, and what they're finding will make you go wow.

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Project Milwaukee
11:32 am
Thu June 13, 2013

Dominican Nuns Work to Inspire Sustainable Living

Sister Janet Weyker strolls the Eco-Justice Center grounds. The greenhouse behind her was funded through a grant. That's how much of the center's renewable and green projects have come to life.

Sister Janet Weyker has more than a peripheral interest in renewable energy. The Racine Dominican nun runs a facility dedicated to “eco-justice”.

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6:22 am
Thu June 13, 2013

Storms Blow Through Area

Tree down on the sidewalk on 60th Street and North Avenue in Wauwatosa.
Credit Michelle Maternowski

Lightening and high winds accompanied strong storms that moved through southeastern Wisconsin early last night.

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Project Milwaukee
12:59 pm
Wed June 12, 2013

Musician Sings the Blues Over Wind Farms

Jamie Lynn Fletcher is making a name as a musician, but also as an outspoken opponent of wind farms.
Credit courtesy Jamie Fletcher

Jamie Lynn Fletcher talks with Lake Effect's Mitch Teich and Susan Bence.

Jamie Lynn Fletcher's voice is perhaps an unlikely addition to our Project Milwaukee series on clean energy.

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