Water industry and government leaders will be in Chicago this week to discuss innovative ways to upgrade the nation's waterworks.

Susan Bence

We meet UWM Architecture chair Jim Wasley, and learn about his vision for the area around the School of Freshwater Sciences.

Troye Fox

Local Victory Garden initiative hatches idea that captured attention of national innovation competition.

WUWM's Environmental reporter helps us understand how green jobs might affect the employment picture in Milwaukee.

The skills and employment gap is a complex problem. WUWM Environmental Reporter Susan Bence set out on an equally complex path to discover how “green” jobs figure into the equation and how they might figure into the city’s future.

How Does Green Fit in the Skills Gap Puzzle

Nov 1, 2012

All week, WUWM has been digging into the complexities of the skills gap.

Our journalists have gathered the perspectives employers hungry to hire AND of workers eager to land good paying jobs.

Environmental Reporter Susan Bence sets out to learn if “skills gap” applies to local green industry.

Assistance streams to the east coast as Hurricane Sandy bears down; local officials worry its effects will be felt along Lake Michigan's shoreline.

Susan Bence

Milwaukee Riverkeeper director Karen Schapiro talks about the ongoing impact of the Clean Water Act, 40 years after its passage.

Susan Bence

Las Vegas Valley Water District head Pat Mulroy casts the country's water challenges in the context of what the arid southwest is dealing with.

Monday marks day one of a hunting season some thought would never come: Wisconsin's first wolf hunt.

The Legislature set it into motion months ago, right after the federal government removed the wolf's endangered status.

Tim Van Deelen is one of the people who will watch the hunt scientifically.

The wildlife biologist has been studying the creature throughout its gradual return to Wisconsin, and now will monitor the impact the wolf harvest could have on the stability of its population.

The DNR doled out 1,160 permits for the wolf hunt that begins today.

Susan Bence

WUWM's Susan Bence brings us the story of native landscaping in the Milwaukee area and the remarkable woman who pioneered it.

People from around the world pour into Milwaukee to take on pressing water issues and promise of science and technology.

Waukesha seems to have moved a step closer to solving its contaminated drinking water issue.  With the city's apparent deal with Oak Creek, some people are left with more questions than answers.

Susan Bence

WUWM environmental reporter Susan Bence brings us the story of attempts to quantify how the fish population is doing on the Milwaukee River in Ozaukee County.

Advocates hope to create more of a buzz around creating safe routes so kids can make a habit of walking or biking to school.