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Jo Du was being helped into her gorgeous white wedding dress this week when a tooth on the zipper broke. It was Sunday in Guelph, Ontario, and no tailor shop was open.

Jo Du didn't want to walk down the aisle to marry Earl Lee with pins in the back of her dress. But no one in the wedding party knew how to make the repair.

Just after dawn one morning last month, Peace Corps volunteer Sarah D'Antoni stood on the banks of Lake Issyk Kul, raised her arms in the air and then jumped into the chilly water.

The wind was whipping. The waves were pounding. There was lightning off in the distance. But a little bad weather wasn't going to stop the 24-year-old from swimming the 8.3 miles — to the opposite side of Kyrgyzstan's largest lake. Four hours and 43 minutes later, she arrived with a message she wanted to share.

Hurricane Matthew is roaring across the Caribbean Sea as a monster Category 5 storm on a course that puts Jamaica, as well as parts of Haiti and Cuba, in the path of its potentially devastating winds and rain.

The U.S. National Hurricane Center called it the strongest Atlantic hurricane since Felix in 2007, and said Matthew will be approaching Jamaica late Sunday night. It is expected to reach the eastern part of the island on Monday.

The U.N. is planning to launch its first space mission into orbit, packed with scientific experiments from countries that can't afford their own space programs.

It's teaming up with the Sierra Nevada Corporation, which makes the Dream Chaser, a reuseable spacecraft that, when it returns from orbit, can land at an ordinary airport. They formally announced the plans this week at the International Astronautical Congress in Guadalajara, Mexico.

London bans the most dangerous trucks from its streets

Sep 30, 2016
Stefan Wermuth/Reuters 

Cyclists in London got some good news on Friday. The city is planning to ban some of the most dangerous big transport trucks from its streets, which are known to the Brits as "lorries."
Lorries are the highest cause of cycling deaths in the city. That's why London Mayor Sadiq Khan decided some of them had to go.
The World's man in London, Leo Hornak, has been following the story. We reached him Friday at a cycling cafe called Look Mum No Hands.

At the edge of his farm, Menkir Tamrat walks over to a pepper plant and pulls back the dark green leaves to reveal dozens of shiny red peppers.

“Looks like we have a whole bunch of ripe ones, red ones, ready to be plucked,” he says as he rubs his hands together.

Over the next few weeks, Tamrat will harvest the long rows of peppers. Then he’ll dry them, crush them and make them into spice blends essential to Ethiopian cuisine. Tamrat includes over a dozen separate ingredients in these blends and he focuses on balancing heat and color while building flavor.

Rufus Gifford (@rufusgifford)

Rufus Gifford, the US ambassador to Denmark, is not your typical diplomat, prone to a life of boring ceremonies and stiff speeches. 

No, Ambassador Gifford is something of a celebrity. He's the star of a popular reality show on Danish TV — but, don't hear that and think of Bravo franchises.

“We call it a documentary series, not a reality show, to distinguish ourselves as much as we can from the Real Housewives and the Kardashians," the American diplomat said during a visit to The World's studios.

Italian Police Recover Stolen Van Gogh Paintings

Sep 30, 2016
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Coming out as bisexual when you're Muslim and married

Sep 30, 2016
Courtesy Zahra Noorbakhsh

Zahra Noorbakhsh came out as bisexual shortly after the shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando last June. She did it in a very public way — on her podcast, #GoodMuslimBadMuslim. Below is an excerpt of an essay she wrote for Bitch Media called "Coming out as bi when you're Muslim and married."