Texas has announced that it is withdrawing from the federal Refugee Resettlement Program, citing security concerns.

Gov. Greg Abbott's announcement means that "refugees will continue to come to Texas, albeit without the state acting as the middleman between federal dollars and local resettlement agencies," according to the Austin American-Statesman.

"I am thirsty," the river complains, "from quenching your thirst. I am tired from the turns along the way."

That's what the 475-mile Cauvery River in India says in a song called "Pyaasi' (the Hindi feminine adjective for 'thirsty'). A young musician wrote the song during a drought in 2009, when the two states through which the river flows were arguing over rights to its water.

Immigrant rights advocates in the United States hit a setback this week, but they're pledging to continue their push to end private immigration detention facilities.

On Wednesday, California's governor vetoed Senate Bill 1289, also known as the Dignity Not Detention Act.

Anti-mafia police in Naples, Italy, have recovered two paintings by Vincent van Gogh that were stolen from a museum in Amsterdam more than a decade ago.

The Van Gogh Museum announced Friday that a curator inspected the two works, at the request of Italian authorities, and "drew a firm conclusion: 'They are the real paintings!' "

What's The Anthropocene?

Sep 30, 2016

Part 1 of the TED Radio Hour episode Anthropocene

About Kenneth Lacovara's TED Talk

Have we entered a new age defined by humans? Paleontologist Kenneth Lacovara says there's "no doubt" that humans' impact on Earth will show up in the geological record.

About Kenneth Lacovara

Job Filled. Swiss Locale Needed A Hermit

Sep 30, 2016
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When Alibaba founder Jack Ma bought the South China Morning Post in December of 2015, he held a meeting with his new employees. The billionaire tech tycoon from mainland China told reporters he wanted them to cover China more deeply, more broadly and more correctly.

"The more I know about the outside understanding of China," Ma said in English to his newly-acquired editorial staff, "the more I feel that most of the things are not correct."

He railed against "biased" foreign news coverage of China and said he wanted the paper to rise above the rest.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a special travel advisory Tuesday for pregnant women — and those trying to get pregnant.

They should "consider postponing nonessential travel" to 11 countries, the agency says. These countries include Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, the Maldives, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, East Timor and Vietnam.

Larry Downing/Reuters

Arizona is, historically, a red state. With the exception of Bill Clinton in 1996, they've voted Republican in every presidential election since 1952. 

But that might be shifting this year.

The conservative Arizona Republic newspaper endorsed Hillary Clinton for president this week. It's the first time it has endorsed a Democrat over a Republican in its entire 126-year history.

It’s sadly an all-too-familiar sight: the remains of fallen US soldiers arriving back in the United States. The difference for these men is that it’s been 170 years since they lost their lives. 

A mother of a 9/11 victim now has the right to sue Saudi Arabia over its alleged support of the attackers. But she's not celebrating.

Adele Welty lost her son, firefighter Timothy Welty, in the World Trade Center attack. She was working just a few blocks away, and knew that her son was among the first responders. 

Once upon a time there was a harmless cartoon frog named Pepe. He first appeared in 2005 in the debut issue of Matt Furie's comic book series, "Boy's Club." Pepe was a stoner. He lived with three friends, played computer games and hung out in his underwear.

People loved Pepe the Frog. They shared him online, mixed and matched him, and made him say funny things, sad things, all types of things.

Pepe had become a meme.