Peter Kenyon en A Trip Into Odessa's Rich, Dark History As Ukraine seeks international help to bring Crimea back from Russian control, residents of Odessa watching warily. The historic Black Sea port has been conquered repeatedly throughout history. Fri, 11 Apr 2014 10:11:00 +0000 Peter Kenyon 28937 at Divisive Issues For Now Don't Derail Iran Nuclear Talks Tensions between Russia and Ukraine have left Moscow on the outs with Germany, France, Britain and the U.S. Those countries are partnered with Russia in talks with Iran over its nuclear program. Wed, 09 Apr 2014 09:03:00 +0000 Peter Kenyon 28752 at After Crimea Takeover, Ukraine Moves To Protect Odessa With the Crimean peninsula effectively controlled by Russia, Ukrainian officials worry about another Black Sea port, Odessa. Ukraine fears this area with a Russian minority could be a tempting target. Fri, 04 Apr 2014 10:33:00 +0000 Peter Kenyon 28420 at Still Reeling From Crisis, Ukraine Prepares For Presidential Vote After a winter of lightning-fast changes – a president ousted and a peninsula apparently lost to Russia — Ukrainians are beginning to look ahead to elections on May 25 to replace Viktor Yanukovych.<p>The opposition leader who seemed to have the inside track a few weeks ago, ex-world champion heavyweight Vitali Klitschko, has taken himself out of the running. Tue, 01 Apr 2014 21:40:00 +0000 Peter Kenyon 28217 at Still Reeling From Crisis, Ukraine Prepares For Presidential Vote Ukrainians Open Their Homes To Crimean Refugees Transcript <p>STEVE INSKEEP, HOST: <p>It's MORNING EDITION from NPR News. Good morning, I'm Steve Inskeep.<p>DAVID GREENE, HOST: <p>And I'm David Greene.<p>Here's yet another sign that Russia is firming up its control of Crimea. The Russian prime minister, Dmitry Medvedev, and much of his cabinet showed up there today. Medvedev announced that Crimea will become a special economic zone with tax breaks to attract investors. Now, Russia says it annexed Crimea at the request of its large ethnic Russian population. But not everyone there is Russian. Mon, 31 Mar 2014 10:18:00 +0000 Peter Kenyon 28068 at