Politics & Government
1:46 pm
Tue August 6, 2013

Wisconsin Plus 48 Years of the Voting Rights Act

Wisconsin remains a leader in terms of voter turnout

The U.S. enacted the Voting Right Act on August 6, 1965, prohibiting states and communities from imposing prerequisites on voting, that could make it difficult for people of color to cast ballots.

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12:38 pm
Tue August 6, 2013

New Dictionary Defines Bubbler, Sheepshead and Other Wisconsin Terms

The Dictionary of American Regional English defines geographically specific words and terms
Credit DARE/UW-Madison

Lake Effect's Amy Kylie talks to Joan Houston Hall about The Dictionary of American Regional English

If you’ve celebrated a golden birthday, played Sheepshead or directed a thirsty friend to the bubbler … you are probably a cheesehead.

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Health & Science
12:08 pm
Tue August 6, 2013

Chinese Researcher on Probation for Stealing Drug from Medical College

A federal judge on Tuesday sentenced Hua Jun Zhao to time already served in jail (4 1/2 months), plus two years probation.

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Arts & Culture
11:10 am
Tue August 6, 2013

Michael Perry on the Wisdom We Can Gain from Our Elders

Michael Perry on his farm.

Lake Effect's Mitch Teich interviews Michael Perry.

Musician, author and pig farmer, Michael Perry discusses his novel, Visiting Tom.

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Economy & Business
10:56 am
Tue August 6, 2013

Does a Skills Gap Exist?

Potential employees and employers are both hurt by skill gap
Credit Navy/Flickr

Dan Harmon speaks with Erik Gunn on the skills gap

We've been hearing about the skills gap in manufacturing for a long time. But, is it real?

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