Erin Toner

You probably remember learning about exo-skeletons back in biology class – beetles have them. So do lobsters. Well now, we can add humans to that list.

  A figurative sign outside the Bradley Center reads “SOLD”.

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

After months of speculation, Milwaukee Bucks franchise owner Herb Kohl is selling the team to two New York-based hedge-fund billionaires, but the team will stay in the city.

LaToya Dennis

Governor Walker is officially in re-election mode.

There’s been a dramatic increase in the number of heroin deaths in Milwaukee County.

Responders Ready If Rail Mishap Occurs

Apr 15, 2014

Recent rail mishaps, including tragic derailments in Canada and Texas have put the focus on rail safety here and in other urban centers.

LaToya Dennis

Young professionals are gathering in Milwaukee this week for the second annual YP Week.

Moratorium Lifted, Energy Shutoffs May Begin

Apr 14, 2014
Tim Boyle/Getty Images

On Tuesday, Utility companies in Wisconsin can begin disconnecting customers who have not paid their electricity bills.

The lawyer for former state Assembly Majority Leader Bill Kramer says his client will plead not guilty to two counts of second-degree sexual assault.

Freight Rail Shipments Up Across Wisconsin

Apr 14, 2014

Have you noticed longer and more frequent delays at railroad crossings in Milwaukee and throughout the state?