Gianofer Fields

Everybody thinks they have a killer recipe - but it takes a lot more than a single dish to start a restaurant.

The Ability Center

If Damian Buchman has his way, a remarkable new community resource for Milwaukee County's 100,000-plus residents with disabilities will be built within the next couple of years.

Buchman is the founder and executive director of The Ability Center, a community sports center for people of all abilities - disabled and able-bodied.

Buchman himself suffered from childhood cancer and almost lost both legs.  But he grew up to be an active, athletic adult, and wanted to give others the opportunity, as well.

This time of year is difficult for many who’ve lost loved ones, especially within the past year.

Gov. Scott Walker has been taking his time deciding whether to approve a Kenosha casino and whether to make it harder to strip schools of Indian mascots.

Colectivo Coffee

Colectivo Coffee will auction off its Alterra cafe signs and letters to raise money for the Hunger Task Force.

Evergleam aluminum Christmas trees were all the rage in the early 1960s. The Manitowoc-made trees were anything but natural - artsy, space-aged, jaw-dropping.  Today, the trees are seeing a rise in popularity - they’re alive at an exhibit at the Wisconsin Historical Museum and are hot on eBay.

The Onion, Inc

Another sign of the times for the print industry. The final paper edition of the Onion hit newsstands Thursday.

Mark Danielson, Flickr

Metro Milwaukee's parks, recreational and cultural institutions need a combined $310 million for repairs or upgrades, according to the Public Policy Forum.

Report: Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra Needs $5 Million to Avoid Shutdown

Dec 12, 2013
Marcus Center

The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra needs an immediate $5 million to avoid a shutdown, according to reports from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Jon Strelecki

Nobody wants to be overweigth, but it is a fact that many of us are carrying around more pounds than we should. Studies show that more than one-third of U.S. adults are obese. The number of children who are overweight is even greater among some population groups.

While we know there are serious physical risks to being overweight, on this edition of UWM Today we talk about the impact obesity has on our psyche. 

Host Tom Luljak interviews Christy Greenleaf, associate professor of Kinesiology at UWM's College of Health Sciences.