Economy & Business
1:00 am
Mon June 3, 2013

Milwaukee Housing Authority Works to Create Independence

Berryland Public Housing is owned and operated by the Milwaukee Housing Authority

Public housing was designed to help people fallen on hard-times.

However, in cities including Milwaukee, some people remain in the safety net for significant amounts of time.

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Arts & Culture
12:27 pm
Sat June 1, 2013

LEGO Used as Building Blocks for Arts Education and Creativity

Andrew Johnson, Lego Master Builder
Credit NPR

Lake Effect's Bonnie North interviews LEGO Master Model Builder Andrew Johnson.

LEGO has been a part of childhood for many of us, but for some, it is also their career. Andrew Johnson is a LEGO Master Model Builder in Chicago.

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Arts & Culture
12:17 pm
Sat June 1, 2013

Historic Beer Caves Now a Concert Venue

Miller Brewery's Caves.
Credit Jordan Fischer, via Flickr

Lake Effect's Mitch Teich interviews Andy Nelson and Kindra Loferski at the Miller Brewery Caves.

If you’ve ever taken the tour at the Miller Brewery, you’ve probably encountered the Miller Caves.  A veritable underground bunker, carved into the hill above State Street in the Miller Valley.

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Arts & Culture
12:10 pm
Sat June 1, 2013

Left Your Phone at Home? Maybe It's a Good Thing

Yost's new book, Tweak It.

Lake Effect's Stephanie Lecci talks with author Cali Williams Yost.

As smartphones keep us ever accessible, email creates instant communication, and work increasingly slips into what used to be known as "after hours," it's no wonder many of us find ourselves wishing there were 25 hours a day.

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11:46 am
Sat June 1, 2013

Investing in the Great Lakes: The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

Zebra Mussels
Credit NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory, Flickr

Lake Effect's Susan Bence talks with Cameron Davis, Senior Advisor to the EPA.

The condition of the Great Lakes will receive its fair share of attention over the next few days.

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