12:00 am
Mon May 27, 2013

A Memorial Day Profile - Veteran Andy Gordon

Andy Gordon serves on a volunteer committee that helped win National Historic Landmark status for the Soldiers Home in Milwaukee.

 Meet a veteran who developed great reverence for Memorial Day and its honorees.

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UWM Today
11:49 am
Sun May 26, 2013

Interview with New Dean of Peck School of the Arts

Tom Luljak and Scott Emmons
Credit Jon Strelecki

Tom Luljak interviews Scott Emmons, newly announced Dean and Professor of Music at UWM's Peck School of the Arts.

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Arts & Culture
6:48 pm
Fri May 24, 2013

Can't Get It All Done? 3 "Tweaks" to Your Work, Life Routine

Cali Williams Yost explains how small changes can help us achieve our work and personal goals.
Credit Cali Williams Yost

Lake Effect's Stephanie Lecci interviews work/life fit expert Cali Williams Yost.

As smartphones keep us ever accessible, email creates instant communication, and work increasingly slips into what used to be known as "after hours," it's no wonder many of us find ourselves wishing there were 25 hours a day.

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Arts & Culture
5:18 pm
Fri May 24, 2013

Is Wisconsin Rude? Study Says Yes

Wisconsin has been ranked "not courteous" in a recent survey.
Credit Marchex Institute

Lake Effect's Amy Kiley interviews etiquette expert Margery Sinclair.

Call it a “Midwest Nice” malfunction: a recent study ranks Wisconsin as the least courteous state.

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Arts & Culture
3:30 pm
Fri May 24, 2013

Ian and the Dream Reach for the "Saturns of Stars"

Ian and the Dream
Credit Ian and the Dream

Lake Effect's Bonnie North interviews local band Ian and the Dream.

Milwaukee area singer-songwriter Ian Ash, and his band, Ian and the Dream, have recently released their second EP, called “Saturns of Stars.”

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