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Over the course of the budget process that was recently completed, questions were asked about whether Governor Walker’s presumptive Presidential campaign affected the negotiation process.

Now that Walker’s campaign is no longer just presumptive, more questions are being asked about the campaign’s implications for public policy in Wisconsin.

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Earlier this summer, Milwaukee launched a new effort called Housing First to address the problem of chronic homelessness in the city. At last count, an estimated 200 people in Milwaukee went without housing for a full year, or were homeless multiple times over three years. 

Sgt. Carson Holmquist, who grew up in Grantsburg, was one of four marines a gunman killed this week in Tennessee.  Holmquist was a 2008 graduate of Grantsburg High School in western Wisconsin, before he joined the U.S. Marines. Among the places he served was Afghanistan.

His alma mater's principal says Holmquist was a great young man who enjoyed football, hunting and fishing and returned proudly to his high school after boot camp, dressed in his blue uniform.

Grantsburg is a community of about 1,300, near the western border of Wisconsin, in Polk County.

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The impact Scott Walker’s candidacy might have on state politics in the coming months. Plus, does it matter that the city’s largest homeless shelter requires people using it to attend a mandatory prayer service? Why a group of Wisconsin Muslims is fighting on behalf of environmental causes, and the unique story of a planetarium in Wisconsin’s north woods. And why a Milwaukee man thinks there’s room for one more farmer’s market – in his neighborhood.


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Milwaukee has no shortage of farmer’s markets from Brown Deer to Walker Square and multiple spots in between, yet Glenn Mattison believes there is room for one more.

This month the 5 Points Exchange Farmer’s Market is gradually coming to life Saturdays, although this Saturday’s market has been cancelled due to expected high temperatures.

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There are a lot of places to visit in Florida besides Disney World and Miami Beach. Try the Everglades, Cape Canaveral, Sanibel Island or the Keys. But there’s also a place way up north you might not be familiar with – Saint George Island in Appalachicola Bay.

"The panhandle of Florida is special – it has the feel of the old south the way the rest of Florida simply doesn’t have any more," says Traveler's Roundtable contributor and Drive magazine editor Rob Bundy.

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Eight years ago, Marquette University’s College of Nursing bought out a private medical practice on Milwaukee’s near north side and turned it into a neighborhood health center that primarily reached underserved women.

The Marquette Neighborhood Health Center offered pre- and post-natal care, along with delivery services provided by nurse midwives. The clinic had been struggling financially for several years, running five days a week with eighty five percent of its patients on Medicaid.

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After spending 17 years living in Italy, lardo (Italian for lard) was the only thing, food or otherwise, that Wendy Olsen did not fall in love with. She recently published her first book, titled Loving Lardo, chronicling her experience in the country she loves.

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WasteCap Resource Solutions has been around for 15 years.

Salvaged beams and art deco windows are just part of its vision to transform waste into resources. WasteCap leaves no brick unturned.

Project Manager Justin Dall’Osto knows the facts. “U.S. landfills are made up 41 percent of construction demolition materials. Wisconsin is around 30 to 31 percent. So we’re a little a less but we’re doing our part to try make it even lower,” he says.

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The plan to use public funding to help build a new arena for the Milwaukee Bucks has cleared a major hurdle. Wednesday evening, the state Senate approved the deal on a vote of 21 to 10.

Republicans had to convince a number of Democrats to go along with the plan.

Before the vote, senators made a few revisions to the bill they took up last week in the Joint Committee on Finance.