10:18 am
Thu August 29, 2013

True-to-Life Spies Threaten Union Cause in Civil War Novel

Thomas Martin Saturday's first story in the Eaton-Ellis series takes place in spring/summer of 1862, at the start of the Peninsula Campaign of the Civil War.
Credit Moving Train Books

Lake Effect's Stephanie Lecci interviews author Thomas Martin Saturday.

A new historical novel features a murder mystery in the midst of the Civil War.

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Economy & Business
1:00 am
Thu August 29, 2013

Harley's Impact on the Community

Harley riders park their bikes outside Max Sass and Sons funeral home on S. 60th Street.
Credit Marti Mikkelson

Drive anywhere in Milwaukee starting Thursday and you’ll surely spot a motorcycle or two. Harley-Davidson’s 110th anniversary celebration begins.

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Arts & Culture
4:17 pm
Wed August 28, 2013

Novel Details How Character 'Became a Monster'

A new novel explores how a character breaks the cycle of abuse.
Credit Kathie Giorgio

Lake Effect's Stephanie Lecci interviews Waukesha author Kathie Giorgio.

Are some people just born evil? Or can our world, what we encounter in life, turn us evil?

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3:37 pm
Wed August 28, 2013

Heat May Have Caused Man's Death

The heat index on Tuesday was 101 degrees

An autopsy is scheduled for Thursday, to determine the cause of death of a man in Milwaukee.

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Politics & Government
3:22 pm
Wed August 28, 2013

Union Leader Arrested in Capitol Protest

Marty Beil, executive director of the Wisconsin State Employees Union, was arrested on Wednesday.

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