It was on this date, exactly 90 years ago that one of the classics of American literature was published. The Great Gatsby cemented the place of F. Scott Fitzgerald in the American literary tradition, and helped make a celebrity of Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda.

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The UW Board of Regents began a two-day meeting in Waukesha on Thursday.

They heard from UW System President Ray Cross, who told regents he’s making progress in swaying legislators, on the next two-year state budget. Cross is working to convince lawmakers not to go ahead with Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal, to strip $300 million from the system in the next two years. Cross wants a smaller cut, in addition to greater autonomy for the system.

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This past Tuesday, Wisconsin voters approved a change in the state constitution. A day later, Wisconsin’s Chief Justice filed a lawsuit in federal court to halt the change, at least for now.

Then late on Thursday, a federal judge refused to block Wisconsin from enforcing its new amendment, while the legal battle proceeds. 

The amendment requires the state’s justices to select their chief judge every two years. For the past 126 years, the constitution assigned the job to the judge with the most seniority.

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The electrocardiograph – known as the ECG, or sometimes the EKG – has been an important tool in diagnosing heart issues for a long time.

One company that has been manufacturing electrocardiograph machines and other medical equipment for a more than 30 years is located on Milwaukee’s far northwest side. Mortara Instrument employs more than 200 people at its headquarters and manufacturing facility. However, it doesn’t get the attention of some of the industry’s giants.

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Professional wrestling is nothing if not theatrical. There are good guys to cheer and bad guys to boo, and good and evil fight it out in the ring every night. When you talk about the Mexican tradition of lucha libre, in which the wrestlers wear colorful masks that they seldom remove - even in their real lives, the level of theatricality jumps even higher.

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The 52-year-old chairman of the BMO Harris Bradley Center Board died on Wednesday of a brain aneurysm, according to autopsy results released Thursday.

Marotta played basketball for Marquette University and, after graduating in 1984,  was drafted by the New York Knicks. Instead, he attended Harvard Law School and later returned to Milwaukee.

He served as former Gov. Jim Doyle's secretary of the Dept. of Administration.

Essay: The Tattoo

Apr 9, 2015
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EKG machines and other high-tech medical equipment are common in hospitals across the country. But as accurate and sensitive as they are, they can’t always answer the questions a doctor might have:

The images were dramatic. The young man was in his early 20s, and his shoulders, chest, and upper arms were covered with a swirling image of skulls, barbed wire, spider webs, and violent messages. The tattoos were, no doubt, meant to send a message to anyone who saw them. The images disappeared underneath the hospital gown that had been draped over him.

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Since mid-February, four accidents in the U.S. and Canada have heightened concerns over transporting oil via rail. None have occurred in Milwaukee, but critics fear it’s just a matter of time. 

So the city’s Public Works Committee took up the issue on Wednesday.

City residents seemed to occupy most of the seats in the meeting room at City Hall, but Alderman Bob Baumann urged them to save their comments.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson has filed a federal lawsuit to ensure she's not immediately removed from her leadership position. 

She's named all six other members of the court and some state officials as defendants.

Abrahamson sued Wednesday, a day after voters approved a constitutional amendment that allows justices to select the court's leader.  For the past 126 years, the position has gone to the most senior member of the court.

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Milwaukee is buzzing about the proposed new arena for downtown. The Bucks, on Wednesday, finally unveiled their blueprint.

It calls for the creation of an arena and entertainment district. The cost: one-billion dollars. Some business owners seem excited.

If you sort through the details of the plan, you find an arena that seats 17,000 people, a public plaza that would serve as an entertainment venue and a state-of-the-art practice facility.