Wisconsin soon could see a big increase in funding for mental health services.

State income taxes would be cut by nearly twice as much as proposed by the Walker administration following approval of a new state budget earlier today by the Joint Finance committee.

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Republican budget leaders are sticking with Gov. Walker’s plan for BadgerCare.

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How can we ensure that researchers aren't using our biological material without our consent?

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The Joint Finance Committee is supposed to conclude its state budget revisions this week ahead of a full legislative vote this month. Along with tax and spending changes, the budget includes a proposal to lift residency requirements for most public workers.

Many have debated whether that residency rule change will affect services delivered or even harm local communities.

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A new study examines why so few people are signing up to participate in medical trials.

African-American babies born in Milwaukee continue dying at substantially higher rates than white and Hispanic infants.

ESPN The Magazine collected stories from Major League Baseball players who've experienced strange things while staying at the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee. And, Lake Effect's Mitch Teich interviewed some players for NPR's Only A Game back in 2010. Listen here:

A new report, released by the Legislative Fiscal Bureau, shows the majority of  a proposed state income tax cut would help anyone earning $100,000 plus.

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This is the final scheduled day of meetings for the Joint Finance Committee.

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Another move is afoot in Wisconsin to change the state’s election laws. There will be a public hearing in Madison Tuesday at 10 am on the Republican plan.

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Many cookbooks claim to speak to our busy lives and the need to simplify cooking without compromising quality and flavor.

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While Milwaukee may never gain the reputation of being a city that never sleeps, there is a lot more going on during a full 24 hour day than many of us might expect.


A church-based non-profit is working to overcome segregation and division in Milwaukee's Sherman Park neighborhood.

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With the largest portion of the healthcare reform bill not set to go into law until next year, new research indicates the law is already having an impact on one population.