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Internationally acclaimed guitarist Woody Mann doesn’t fit into neatly defined categories. He plays everything from ragtime to folk, from classical to blues, from jazz to world – and he writes his own tunes that draw on all of those influences and more. That wide ranging curiosity, coupled with stellar technique and a deep pleasure in making music, makes listening to Mann a joy.

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The Sojourner Family Peace Center in Milwaukee is working to become a national leader in helping domestic violence victims.

The new facility will be the largest of its kind in the country - housing a variety of organizations that support victims of domestic violence and their families.

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Justice Ann Walsh Bradley handily won re-election Tuesday to another ten year term on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Bradley captured about 58 percent of the vote in defeating Rock County Circuit Judge James Daley.

In addition, voters approved a referendum that will allow members of the high court to choose its chief justice. Wisconsin’s judicial races are officially nonpartisan, but Bradley drew support from liberals while Daley courted conservatives.

Members of the Young, Gifted and Black Coalition say they don't trust the American criminal justice system to defend black lives against racism and discriminatory policing.

Madison officer Matt Kenny shot and killed 19-year-old Tony Robinson, in early March. Callers had reported Robinson darting in traffic and assaulting a couple people. The officer eventually found him in a house; they struggled and Kenny fired the fatal shots.

The DA’s office continues to review the case, and prosecutors have also turned over the details to the Wisconsin Dept. of Justice. 

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Projected winners of the Tuesday, April 7, 2015 spring election are in bold.

The breakout novel by Milwaukee native Mark Wisniewski is told from the point of view of two characters.

Arkansas native Jan hopes to break into a career as a horse racing jockey and Deesh is a young African-American man fleeing a crime he was a party to in New York City. You wouldn't expect their lives to intersect.

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At some point during our school years, we learn something about ancient civilizations – think Babylonia, ancient Greece and Egypt or Sumaria – and how our modern western culture draws heavily from them.

But if you’ve forgotten who invented zero or where our contemporary idea of democratic government first appeared, have no fear. The Milwaukee Public Museum has the exhibit for you.

Community reads are seemingly everywhere now.  They're a way to boost literacy efforts, spotlight some remarkable writing and even build community.

But the effort underway in Shorewood adds another couple of layers - supporting the state's literary tradition and bringing some local musicians into the fold.

Michelle Maternowski

It was a heartbreaking night as the Wisconsin Badgers lost to Duke in the championship game of the men’s NCAA Finals. The Blue Devils beat Wisconsin 68-63.

Despite the disappointing finale, people at a local sports bar said the Badgers’ lengthy run added activity to their lives. Jesse Weathersby admits he’s done extra indulging during the Badgers’ extended season.

“More eating, how does that sound? Not too much cooking, a little bit of drinking, but mostly more eating,” Weathersby says.

In case you'd forgotten, tomorrow is election day in Wisconsin.  There are several items on ballots across the state, all of them involving the judiciary.

There are also a handful of local races in municipalities around Wisconsin.

But you'd be forgiven if you hadn't noticed the biggest race - that for Supreme Court justice. That's because the race between incumbent Ann Walsh Bradley, and Rock County Circuit Court Judge James Daley has been much lower-key than other such campaigns in past years.