Arts & Culture
12:00 am
Thu August 23, 2012

A Beloved Machine Goes on the Fritz

Contributor Gianofer Fields' beloved washer is on the fritz - here's its "brain" in the capable hands of repairman John.
Credit Gianofer Fields

Contributor Gianofer Fields interviews the repairman who has come to save her washer.

Material culture explores why objects have meaning to us. For our contributor, it's because it does her wash.

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5:05 pm
Mon August 20, 2012

Extra Credits Add to Student Loan Debt

Students at the University of Whitewater graduate with on average 136 credit hours.

Whether you are in the process of paying back student loans or just beginning to figure out how to pay for college, there is no question it is expensive. The average cost of attending a four-year UW system school, including tuition, fees, room and board and books totals around $17,500 a year. The number of loans students have taken out over the past decade has tripled, and now account for more than a trillion dollars former students must repay. WUWM’s LaToya Dennis has learned about one specific factor that adds to the cost of a college education - students graduating with more credits than needed.

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Sikh Temple Shooting
2:45 pm
Mon August 20, 2012

The Importance of Visiting Oak Creek

One of the many expressions of sympathy in the wake of the shooting at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in Oak Creek.

It has been more than two weeks since a Cudahy man entered the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in Oak Creek and shot and killed six congregants who had gathered for Sunday services. Wade Michael Page also injured four people before killing himself.

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12:31 pm
Thu August 16, 2012

Praise for Sue Black and Curiosity About Why She is No Longer Milwaukee County Parks Director

Black's tenure dotted with awards.

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele's office confirms that Sue Black is no longer Milwaukee County Parks Director. No reason has yet been stated. Members of the Milwaukee County Board are not yet commenting, many saying they did not have advanced notice about Black's departure.

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12:00 am
Thu August 16, 2012

Will Senate Race Draw From Candidates' Environmental Arsenals?

Click to Enlarge PhotoA worker at Helios Solar Works in the Menomonee Valley gives Democrat Tammy Baldwin a tour the morning after the Wisconsin Primary
Credit Susan Bence

Wisconsin’s U.S. Senate race is blazing full steam ahead after former Governor Tommy Thompson defeated three challengers in Tuesday’s GOP primary.

Both he and Democratic Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin hit the campaign circuit hours later.

WUWM Environmental Reporter Susan Bence takes an initial look at how environmental issues might play into the race.

Peruse their campaign websites, and you will not find plans for how either candidate would address issues such as global warming or storm water contamination.

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