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Today on the show, Magda Peck reflects on challenging times for higher education as she prepares to leave UWM’s Zilber School of Public Health. Then, 12 years after they first competed in the TV show Battle Bots, Wisconsin’s winning team gets ready to try again. Plus a tune recorded in the Lake Effect performance studio by Australian guitarist Lucas Michailidis, and the latest edition of the storytelling series Ex Fabula.


Battle Bots /

Battle Bots, which had a successful 5 season run with Comedy Central 12 years ago, has finally made its return to television on ABC.

The premise of Battle Bots is simple: teams create and build self-designed robots that fight one another with a slew of weapons and self-defense mechanisms. Every week teams are paired off and each week one pair wins and moves on to the next round. The last bot standing is crowned the winner.

Tucked inside the proposed state budget the Joint Finance Committee advanced late Thursday, is a provision to exempt most state and local government officials from Wisconsin's open records law. The public could be denied access to many communications involving those elected leaders, in their official capacity.

The committee advanced the package on a 12-4 vote, with all Republicans voting in favor and all Democrats voting against the proposal. It is not known who drafted or recommended inclusion of the proposed open records change, but opposition seems almost universal.

Michelle Maternowski

The free bus service on July 6 is meant to thank regular riders for their adaptability during the three-day strike, according to County Executive Chris Abele.

Union drivers walked off the job early Wednesday, after they and the Milwaukee County Transit System failed to reach a new contract agreement. The union says its drivers plan to return to the job early Saturday morning, even though they don't yet have a new contract.

Marti Mikkelson

Several dozen people have banded together this summer to help clean up neighborhoods on Milwaukee’s north side. The goal is to eventually reduce crime.

While the state's budget is not yet final, UW-Milwaukee Chancellor Mark Mone describes how his campus is preparing as well as the importance of tenure and shared governance to the faculty and the University community.

President Obama
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The president spoke Thursday afternoon at UW-La Crosse on the same day that Governor Walker reportedly signed papers to mount a run for the GOP presidential nomination. He's expected to formally announce his candidacy on July 13 in Waukesha.

Obama did not mention Walker by name, but drew applause from the crowd when saying that people's "right to organize and bargain was attacked," an apparent reference to the governor's Act 10 that stripped away public union rights and the right-to-work law he signed this year, which outlaws mandatory union dues in the private sector.

Mitch Teich

When Al Exner looks back at his grandkids today, he’s shocked at how different their experience as 18-year-olds is from what he experienced when he was their age.

Thursday on Lake Effect:

Wisconsin's State Capitol

GOP leaders stood side-by-side on Wednesday to announce they had broken their impasse. It involved whether the state should help fund a new arena for the Milwaukee Bucks, whether Wisconsin should change its prevailing wage law, and how much the state should borrow to pay for transportation projects.

Republican leaders have decided to take two of those three items out of the proposed state budget. It could move forward Thursday.