Claire Moseley

News and Lake Effect Intern

Claire Moseley is majoring in Digital Media with a minor in Advertising at Marquette University. During her time at Marquette, she has been a part of Marquette University Radio and is currently assistant to the general manager of MUR.

Claire is an intern with both WUWM’s Lake Effect program and the News Department. She is learning by doing, working in public radio by breaking out of her cubicle and offering to buy coffee.

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The Wisconsin Intergenerational Orchestra has members ranging in age from 8 to 80 years old. After only forming earlier this year, their inaugural concert is set for Tuesday, May 24.

Two WIO ensembles - the Sinfonietta, a group for beginning string players, and the Symphony strings, an ensemble comprised of more advanced players - will take stage at Pius XI High School after months of practice.

The People's Flag of Milwaukee

Some time ago, Lake Effect brought you the story of Steve Kodis, the Wisconsin man who believed Milwaukee deserved a better official flag. Since his initial call for change, Kodis has spearheaded an effort to gather prospective flag designs

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People in southeast Wisconsin might remember Mark Johnson for his work in the area a couple of decades ago, when he was Executive Director of the United Way of Waukesha County.  The Louisiana native left that job to lead a United Way chapter in Southwest Alabama.

But in 2002, he gave up his work in the nonprofit world to become a police officer in the city of Mobile.  He became a 50-year old rookie cop.  His twelve-year career in law enforcement won him numerous awards. 

SHARP Literacy

For nearly 20 years, Milwaukee-based Sharp Literacy has created books that help students learn through visual art. The 13th book in the We Love to Learn series is out now, and this one is a little different.

Republican legislators in Wisconsin have proposed changes in the state's campaign finance laws. Plans include raising the amount of money individuals could give candidates, doing away with the requirement that donors disclose where they work and allowing campaigns to work directly with third party funders.

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Centuries ago, Native Americans created and played the sport of lacrosse, believing it was given to them by the Creator to entertain him and to heal the indigenous people. Tribes also used the sport to settle disputes, including territorial conflicts. Eventually, settlers re-purposed the sport, pushing its tribal history into the shadows, but today, Sasha Houston-Brown of the Dakota tribe is relearning lacrosse and teaching it to other indigenous women in her community in Minneapolis.

For five years, two filmmakers followed several homeless men in Milwaukee - capturing the men's challenges, from mental illness to substance abuse, as well as their rare moments of triumph.

"The guys we talked to were the ones that would openly say 'I'm not proud of how I'm living, I'm not proud, you don't want to live like this, no one should have to live like this,'" director Faith Kohler says. "But they were the ones who felt that is was important to give their community a voice."

Some patrons will now be able to use their hands to experience exhibits at the Milwaukee Public Museum, via braille and 'touch bags.' Inside the bags are 3-D objects or replicas of things that are on exhibit.

Spokesperson Dawn Koceja says people will be able to check out the bags at the ticket window.

A report out this week offers a snapshot of an increasingly important sector of the Wisconsin economy. 

The report quantifies the economic output of the state’s bioscience sector, and how it relates to other Wisconsin industries. 

The report was commissioned by BioForward, the trade association for the bioscience industry.  It was released Wednesday, at the group’s Bioscience Summit in Madison. 

Gov. Walker says he wants to do nationally, what he did in Wisconsin, when it comes to weakening public and private sector labor unions. He would go further by eliminating the National Labor Relations Board and striking recent orders from the Obama administration.

Last week, while on the campaign trail, Walker announced part of his plan.

Demonstrators at the Milwaukee County Courthouse demanded that it follow the lead of a county clerk in Kentucky, in denying marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Milwaukee's clerk says his office will continue business as usual, and as the law orders.

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One part of Milwaukee that hasn't changed over the years is its flag, which some say is a problem. Graphic designer Steve Kodis is leading the charge to update the flag.

The Milwaukee flag doesn’t make too many appearances, to be honest. And when it does, you might be struck by how much stuff is on it – from the head of a Native American chief to a ship’s hull to a picture of another flag to a factory to something that looks oddly like a flying saucer.

Shawnee Daniels-Sykes

Last week, our Precious Lives segment on gun violence in Milwaukee introduced us to a community organizer who is working to change the face of the roadside memorials that often spring up in communities in the wake of a murder. Her idea is to take these constant reminders of grief and turn them into positive spaces, like gardens.

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Census predictions hold that within 20 years, the percentage of senior citizens in this country will reach a historic high. With this, comes far-reaching implications. Many more people graduating from college today will need to work in fields that relate to older adults.

That fact is the basis for a unique collaboration between UW-Milwaukee’s Helen Bader School of Social Welfare and the St. John’s on the Lake retirement community.

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Besides passion and drive, filmmakers need money to finish, and even start, projects.

Milwaukee Film recently announced its Brico Forward Fund. The idea behind the fund is to encourage local filmmakers to submit story treatments for new movies. As many as five treatments will then be chosen and awarded a significant financial jumpstart.