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Erin Toner is a reporter for WUWM. Erin was WUWM's All Things Considered local host from 2006 to 2010. She began her public radio career in 1999 at WMUK in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Prior to joining WUWM in 2006, Toner spent five years at WKAR in East Lansing, Michigan.

During her career, Toner has served as a mentor for NPR's Next Generation Radio project, trained and mentored college students and taught a news reporting course at Michigan State University. She holds a degree in journalism from Michigan State University.

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Erin Toner

Some Milwaukee aldermen are calling for policing reforms in the wake of Monday’s decision in the Dontre Hamilton case.

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Milwaukee’s medical examiner this week is investigating another suspected co-sleeping death, though officials want more attention paid to a bigger problem in the city - premature births.

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Milwaukee officials say some homeowners are facing a new form of redlining - the practice by insurance companies of charging more to people in low-income areas, or denying coverage.

Erin Toner

As they’ve done for months, protesters gathered Tuesday in Red Arrow Park in Milwaukee to demand action in the Dontre Hamilton case. They're calling for former police officer Christopher Manney to be charged in Hamilton’s death.

The incident occured in April in Red Arrow Park downtown. Manney says he shot Hamilton after he became combative with the officer and struck him. Hamilton, who was 31, had schizophrenia.

Manney has since been fired from the Milwaukee Police Department for failing to follow protocol leading up to the shooting.

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Children in Milwaukee may have fewer after-school options next year after an organization cut funding for the programs.

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The Milwaukee County District Attorney says he’ll issue a decision soon in the Dontre Hamilton case.

A local mental health group will present an award Wednesday to the family of Dontre Hamilton.

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Unions in Wisconsin are bracing for another battle.

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As Wisconsin families sit down for a big Thanksgiving meal today, some will be missing loved ones who are deployed.

Erin Toner

It’s been a bang up year for Wisconsin’s dairy producers. Milk prices hit record highs and feed costs were low, resulting in big profits.