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Ex Fabula is a Milwaukee nonprofit organization that strengthens community bonds through the art of storytelling. Ex Fabula produces StorySlams, workshops, community collaborations, a podcast, and radio pieces, all in order to provide platforms for people to come together and share true, personal stories.

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Ex Fabula: Water

Jul 15, 2017
Art Montes

Hey Milwaukee! Just when you think there’s nothing left to explore we’ve found a whole lot more. Are you up for the challenge? Yes? Well you’re invited to the Great Water Race on July 22nd. Be among the first members of the public to experience the roll out of the new Water Story MKE app, a digital water-themed scavenger hunt across Milwaukee.

Art Montes

One of the best things about living in Milwaukee is that we are the City of Festivals! The Big Gig is ending its run this weekend, but we’re busy making plans for next weekend. Whether you plan on celebrating in Parisian style “Vive la France,” or you’re continuing a long-held family tradition by heading to Bay View’s “Blow Up the Beach” - there’s fun for everyone.

In honor of these Milwaukee traditions we thought we’d share stories from the places that inspired these city favorites.

Art Montes

Summer is in full swing and so are we at Ex Fabula. While our StorySlams may be on summer vacation, we’ve been hard at work creating more workshops, community collaborations and public outreach for Season 9. We’ve also recently elected a new Ex Fabula Board President along with welcoming several other new board members. In fact, we have actually DOUBLED the size of the Ex Fabula Board of Directors along with hiring a new event producer. Exciting things will be happening in Season 9.

Ex Fabula: Showing Up

Jun 24, 2017
Megan McGee

In these trying times it’s easy to get wrapped up in feeling powerless. However, there is a sense of urgency present that invites individuals to participate in community activism on a local, state and national level.

Art Montes

On this Father's Day weekend, it’s all about the dads - or maybe just time to think about fatherhood. But what happens when just the thought of procreation gives makes you physically stressed? Matthew Konkel will tell you in our first story from the “Bad Company” Spectacular Slam in 2013.  While he loves the spirit and creativity that children naturally exude, Matthew simply didn't want to have kids of his own - so, he decided to have a vasectomy. How Matthew released his stress over fatherhood, in this week's show.

Art Montes

The general consensus is that summer has arrived, meaning that the trademark Milwaukee street festivals, outdoor music and concerts will be plentiful in the coming months. Music has the ability to engage even the most introverted to participate in their communities. Music also fosters relationships and strengthens bonds, something Ex Fabula knows a lot about. This week we’ll hear from a storyteller about what it feels like to be heard and supported through music and then a story about fostering a community of like-minded individuals through punk music.

Ex Fabula: Summer Begins

Jun 3, 2017
Elizabeth Dawson

The first days of summer: people are getting their gardens ready and their kids signed up for camp, summer school or whatever else will keep them busy. So this week we have a great story about the generational love of gardening (it’s a good time to plant those tomatoes) and a story from a lovely, if not over-stimulated, summer school instructor.

Kathrine Schleicher

Here it is, Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of summer in Milwaukee. Some of us will pack the cars and head up north, while others will head to Bradford Beach to christen the volleyball nets, and some will head south to the first “Fest” of the season. On Monday, flags will be flown at half-staff in yards across the nation in memory of those who lost their lives serving their country. So this week, we have two stories: one about getting out of town, and one about getting out alive.

Art Montes

Mother's Day was just last week, and we're continuing with the theme by sharing some of our own mom-centric stories. Our first comes from last December’s “Perfect Storm” StorySlam. What happens when your 91-year-old mother - the fiercest, most independent woman you know - has “the stroke,” yet hangs on because she’s determined to die at home? If you’re Magda Peck, you race against time, battling both your mother’s failing systems and the hospital’s endless red tape.

Ex Fabula: All Stars!

May 13, 2017
Art Montes

As we count down the final days to the Ex Fabula All Stars event, this week - last but not least - we’re featuring our final two Audience Favorites of Season 8: two fellas who are no strangers to the Ex Fabula stage or donning the coveted velvet crown.

Art Montes

We’re closing in on the final stretch, friends. The flowers and trees are blooming, Memorial Day is coming up, and our Ex Fabula ALL STARS Event is just two weeks away! This is when the crème de la crème of storytellers from Season 8 take the stage of the historic Turner Hall Ballroom to share their tales of  “Unfinished Business.” The audience will then vote on to decide who is the ultimate All Star of Ex Fabula's 2016-17 season.   

Art Montes

If you joined us last week, you know that we’re counting down to our Season 8 finale, the Ex Fabula ALL STARS StorySlam on May 18th! In just a few short weeks, all of the Audience Favorites from Season 8 will take the Historic Turner Hall stage for a night of “Unfinished Business” and determine who will be the top audience favorite of Season 8. 

Art Montes

We’re only a few short weeks away from our Ex Fabula season finale, the Season 8 Ex Fabula ALL STARS StorySlam on May 18th! That’s right, the time has flown by and soon the May flowers will greet us along with the gaggle of Audience Favorites from Season 8, who have some “Unfinished Business” they’d like to share. In the coming weeks, we’ll feature the stories that won these tellers the velvet crown, and giving you a taste of what you can expect on May 18th.

Art Montes

Just like that we’ve come to the end of our regular season. That’s right, next Wednesday April 12th will be our last regular StorySlam of Season Seven. But we’re ending it on a high note with a theme we all have a story about: Only in Milwaukee. Not ready to say good-bye to Ex Fabula just yet? Well, we’re not either. Check out what we’re doing with Milwaukee's Big Read and join us for a special bilingual StorySlam in May as well as our Ex Fabula All Stars event, “Unfinished Business.” 

Art Montes / Ex Fabula

Well here we are only a month away from the end of Season Seven. What an incredible journey it’s been. And how fitting that as we near the Season’s end, we do so by partnering with Milwaukee Public Library for Milwaukee's Big Read. Like Ex Fabula and WUWM, The Big Read is a program of the National Endowment for the Arts and this year, Milwaukee Public Library will offer a month of exciting events, programs, and discussions related to Julia Alvarez’s In the Time of the Butterflies.