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Ex Fabula is a Milwaukee nonprofit organization that strengthens community bonds through the art of storytelling. Ex Fabula produces StorySlams, workshops, community collaborations, a podcast, and radio pieces, all in order to provide platforms for people to come together and share true, personal stories.

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Art Montes

This is a weekend that will go down in history. There are heightened emotions across the country, some celebratory and millions of others are taking to the streets to march in solidarity. They will march with women, with immigrants and people of color, with Muslims and the LGBTQ community, for every person at risk of losing their healthcare and so much more.  However you feel about the next four years, becoming an active and informed citizen has never been more important than it is now.

Art Montes

Ex Fabula Fellows will be busy in the coming weeks. So this week we'll feature some favorite stories from last season. Ex Fabula Fellows are community members who use personal stories to inspire community-led dialogue around some of the most pressing issues in the Greater Milwaukee area: segregation, as well as economic and racial inequality.

Kathrine Schleicher

Happy New Year! After a two-week hiatus Ex Fabula is back and we’re busier than ever. We have a full agenda for January 2017 and we plan to bring you more stories, more programs, more volunteer opportunities and more workshops throughout 2017! It’s a New Year and we’re already on a roll. On Tuesday, January 10th we’ll kick off the new year with a "Change of Heart" StorySlam at Sugar Maple in Bay View. It’s the perfect time to fulfill that resolution to “try something new” and tell your story for the first time!

Ex Fabula: Gifts

Dec 17, 2016
Ex Fabula

Here we are, with the last Ex Fabula Radio Show of 2016. This year has been a doozy. Each week, we do our very best to bring you stories that thrill, entertain and move you. It’s the greatest compliment to have someone we meet say “Ex Fabula? I love your radio show.” So as the year draws to an end we thank WUWM for another year of collaboration and we thank our community for the gifts of their stories and support. Happy Holidays.

Ex Fabula: Perfect Storm

Dec 10, 2016
Art Montes

Can you believe it? We can’t. The last Ex Fabula StorySlam of 2016 is this Wednesday, December 14th and it has all the makings of a "Perfect Storm". If you’re a Wisconsin native, then you’re used to going to bed, then waking up to several inches of snow and 30-below temperatures - the Perfect Wisconsin Storm. Yet other situations, with no snow in sight, still have all the makings of a Perfect Storm.

Ex Fabula: Holiday Craze

Dec 3, 2016
Photo by Art Montes / Ex Fabula

We made it through the first big shopping weekend of the holiday season. On Black Friday, many of us ventured out early, either as a family outing or as a solo hunt for savings. Others skipped the stores all together and chose sweatpants over sales.

Parking is just one of the many reasons some of us chose sweatpants over savings on Thanksgiving weekend. Bringing the kids along can be another - just ask Christopher Spencer’s mother.

Art Montes

The holiday season is in full swing. As the months speed by, calendars fill up and to-do lists seem never-ending. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the chores, the must-haves and checked boxes. Often, we find ourselves so wrapped-up in our shopping, cooking, and planning, that we forget to take time to just listen. We miss out on the sounds of the moment, as well as the stories told by old friends and new acquaintances alike.

Ex Fabula: Resilience

Nov 19, 2016
Art Montes

Resilience: the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. We often find our strength when facing certain defeat, or overwhelming odds. It’s resilience that says, “Keep fighting - I can beat this.” It’s no surprise, then, that Ex Fabula's archive is full of stories exemplifying the resilient spirit. We listen back to some audience favorites, featuring a spirit of toughness in the face of adversity.

Katherine Schleicher

It's complicated. That's not just a Facebook relationship status - it’s also the theme of this month’s Ex Fabula StorySlam.

Art Montes

One of the programs Ex Fabula is most proud of is our Storytelling Workshops, and our next is on November 12th at Turner Hall. During an Ex Fabula Storytelling Workshop, trained Storytelling Coaches assist participants in finding their story, understanding the power and importance of storytelling, how to structure a story for maximum impact, and give tips for practice before taking the stage.

Ex Fabula: Spooky Spirits

Oct 29, 2016
Elizabeth Dawson

It’s Halloween weekend in Milwaukee. Between the costumes, the scary movie marathons and a city full of events, Cream City knows how to do Halloween. This week we’re sharing stories from last November’s “Spirits” Secret Fabula hosted at Shaker’s Cigar Bar & Ghost Tour.

Art Montes

This is our third year partnering with Waukesha Reads to unite the community through great books. As part of this year’s NEA's Big Read, Waukesha Reads invites community members to read To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Ex Fabula once again presents a Storytelling workshop and a StorySlam that explores one of the book’s themes: “Loss of Innocence.” This year’s Slam will feature true, personal stories on that theme.

Ex Fabula: Hidden

Oct 15, 2016
Art Montes

Is there a monster Hidden under your bed? Or living in your head? Have you found a hidden treasure in your grandmother’s old boxes? Perhaps you’ve kept a hidden secret that’s dying to be told. We’ve just the place for you to share these and many other stories. On October 18th we take the Ex Fabula stage to an exciting new venue, The Milwaukee Public Museum.

Ex Fabula: Equal Access

Oct 8, 2016
Art Montes

The Ex Fabula Mission is to “celebrate the power of true and personal stories to connect individuals through universal experiences. Stories build a neighborhood, stable neighborhoods connect communities, diverse communities strengthen a city.” We recognize that there is no community more diverse than the disability community, for disability knows no color, class, gender, religion or sexuality.

Art Montes

Can’t get enough of the Milwaukee Film Festival? Neither can we. We love film (and stories) so much that we’re an MFF Community Partner for “Shorts: Stories We Tell,” again! Like those you hear on the Ex Fabula stage and WUWM radio, the stories featured in "Stories We Tell" are funny, relatable, and thought-provoking.

This week we feature fun stories from early adulthood - the ones you relive with your old friends over dinner and drinks thinking, “Ah to be young again.”