Gaby Magallanes

Programming Assistant

Gaby Magallanes comes to WUWM with a degree in Communication Arts with an emphasis in Radio, TV and Film from UW-Madison. She is a programming assistant who works in the studio and with production.

Gaby sees this job as a valuable first step in attaining her goal of having a career in production and music.

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Back in 2006, Matt Kemple decided that Milwaukee’s comedy scene was sparse and could benefit from expansion - thus the Milwaukee Comedy Festival was born.

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Michael Harvey’s newest novel, The Innocence Game, is based on Northwestern University's Innocence Project.

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In a world of modern accommodations every new gadget and gizmo is made to provide convenience, through regularly it comes with added confusion and expenditures.


Milwaukee has done a lot to attract different water-related industries to the region to take advantage of the Great Lakes. 

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Tens of thousands of motorcyclists are expected in Milwaukee late next month to mark the 110th anniversary of Harley-Davidson.

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Our outdoor adventure contributors share some compelling reasons to camp out in your backyard this weekend.


After hours of debate, following weeks of debate, the Wisconsin State Senate yesterday passed a proposed biennial budget for the state. 

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Free jazz. If hearing those two words together makes you close your eyes and shudder, Bruno Johnson wants to have a word.

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It seems that not a week goes by when we don't learn that Milwaukee has been named to a national list of the best things or the worst things.


Tomorrow is national music day and at least one local musical institution is getting into the act.

Susan Bence

We travel to central Wisconsin to learn about the history of the Midwest Renewable Energy Fair.

Sony Pictures Classics

Before Midnight is the third film in a trilogy by director Richard Linklater.

Troye Fox

Choreographer Steven Koplowitz takes over two iconic Milwaukee locations to explore water through dance.

Designer: Green Building the Way of the Future

Jun 13, 2013

Green building is picking up energy.


A new poll shows decreasing confidence in the state of Wisconsin's economy.