Gianofer Fields

Material Culturalist

Gianofer Fields is a freelance producer and reporter for NPR, BBC and Madison's WORT Community Radio. She says, “Once you seriously consider the objects you use to fill your emotional and functional needs, you will never see those things the same way ever again. From delightfully intriguing to dangerously obsessive, objects affect our daily lives. They creep into our subconscious. They say volumes about who we are or wish to be, without uttering a single word.”


5:32 pm
Mon December 16, 2013

Madison Incubator Kitchen Gives Food Entrepreneurs Space and a Chance

Chef Adam Haen (second from right) talks with the aspiring food entrepreneurs who share space at FEED Kitchen.
Gianofer Fields

Lake Effect contributor Gianofer Fields interviews Adam Haen of FEED Kitchen in Madison.

Everybody thinks they have a killer recipe - but it takes a lot more than a single dish to start a restaurant.

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Arts & Culture
2:28 pm
Sat November 16, 2013

PHOTOS: Artist's Creative 'Flow' Transforms Found Objects into Sculpture

A row of masks made from found objects created by UW-Madison professor Beverly Gordon
Beverly Gordon

Lake Effect contributor Gianofer Fields explores "transformative flow" with UW Madison professor Beverly Gordon.

Have you ever been so focused on a task you're doing that you lose all track of time and place? It's a concept academics call "transformative state or flow."

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Arts & Culture
4:27 pm
Sat November 2, 2013

Does Carving Conjure Memories of Pumpkins Past?

Does pumpkin carving bring back memories?
Credit indigoprime/Flickr

Lake Effect contributor Gianofer Fields takes us to a pumpkin carving party in Madison to explore the concept of transformative flow.

Can carving a pumpkin bring up the past?

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Arts & Culture
2:53 pm
Fri September 6, 2013

Local Business Serves as 'Wedding Planner' for People's Stuff

Pat Mattiacci and Kirsten Winski help people downsize and re-organize the clutter they have accumulated throughout their lives.
Credit Gianofer Fields

Lake Effect contributor Gianofer Fields interviews Pat Mattiacci and Kirsten Winski with Home2Home Transition Services in Madison.

People spend a lifetime collecting things that tell their stories but what happens when for whatever reason, they can't keep them anymore.

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Arts & Culture
3:58 pm
Sat August 24, 2013

This B-17 Still Flies - and Amazes

Memphis pilot Dan Bowlin flies the "Aluminum Overcast" B17 for the Experimental Aircraft Association.
Credit Gianofer Fields

Lake Effect contributor Gianofer Fields interviews B-17 pilot Dan Bowlin.

We meet the pilot of a B-17 Flying Fortress.

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