Kati Kokal

Lake Effect Intern

Kati Kokal is a summer intern for WUWM's Lake Effect program. She is a student at the University of Missouri- Columbia studying Print and Digital International Journalism and Women and Gender Studies.

Kati is trilingual and in her free time, she enjoys practicing yoga and cooking.

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There was a lot promised to the residents of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in 2013. China-based tech company Foxconn "sent a jolt through the state capital" when it's CEO announced that a $30 million facility would be built to bring tech jobs to the area. The plans never materialized. 

So what does this have to do with southeastern Wisconsin? 

This month, in a visit to Waukesha County Technical College, President Donald Trump alluded to potential negotiations that could lead to a tech plant in Wisconsin run by the very same company.

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Susan Silver may have left Milwaukee to follow her dreams in Los Angeles, but she says she's back in full force to discuss her years as a TV comedy writer on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and her escapades in love. Her new memoir, Hot Pants in Hollywood: Sex, Secrets & Sitcoms details her encounters with people like Jim Morrison and Elvis in addition to dishing out advice for women pursuing their dreams. 

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When you take your child to the doctor, she or he might be pretty skilled at seeing what’s wrong and figuring out what’s causing the physical symptoms. But when it comes to behavioral issues, we are beginning to learn that the causes might not always be obvious, but could instead have been caused by issues in the past.

People who work with children are starting to take toxic stress into account when it comes to helping them through a technique known as trauma-informed care. 

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Along with many Lincoln Memorial Drive commuters, architecture critic Tom Bamberger has noticed the near-completion of the Northwestern Mutual Tower. Although apprehensive about previous projects in Milwaukee, Bamberger told Lake Effect's Bonnie North why he thinks this one is a "thoughtful" and "rigorous" stunner. 

"It's really a visual statement," says Bamberger.

In discussing the intentional nature of Milwaukee's newest skyscraper, Bamberger highlights the importance of planning for function and symbolism. 

Amy Lombard

Lane Moore appreciates dating app blunders so much that she decided to make them happen live in her comedy show, Tinder LIVE! Ahead of Moore’s Friday Turner Hall show in Milwaukee, she joins Lake Effect to discuss how swiping left and right in real-time went from an inside joke to a comedy she says everyone can relate to.

Bonnie North

Wisconsin Avenue has become a temporary sculpture garden courtesy of galleries, artists, and curator Russell Bowman. 'Sculpture Milwaukee' is an installation of 22 pieces that line Wisconsin Avenue from Sixth Street all the way to the lakefront. After their time in the limelight, Bowman hopes the pieces will be sold to support annual 'Sculpture Milwaukee' projects.  

David Haynes, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

WUWM and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel hosted Across the Divide: New Realities for Immigrants, an event at Carroll University in Waukesha. On Monday, May 22, panelists shared their thoughts and experiences with community members about an issue that is as complicated as ever.

Meet the panelists: