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Marge has been with WUWM since it changed formats from music to news and information in the late 1980’s. Searching for a place where she could produce in-depth journalism, Marge was hired by WUWM as a reporter. For several years, Marge also hosted Morning Edition.

While a reporter, Marge was a frequent contributor to NPR and won numerous awards for her work.

Since fall of 2000, Marge has been managing the news department but still has the occasional opportunity to produce stories.

Prior to joining WUWM, Marge worked in commercial radio both as an afternoon news anchor and a field reporter. She also worked for short periods at a few TV stations.

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Joy Powers

Agents arrested 23-year-old Samy Mohamed Hamsez on Monday, after he bought machine guns and silencers from undercover FBI employees. Federal authorities say someone tipped them off in September that Hamzeh had planned to travel to Israel to attack Israeli soldiers and citizens living in the West Bank but later opted to plan a domestic attack at the Masonic temple in downtown Milwaukee.

Justin W. Kern

The two votes fell along party lines, with majority Republicans prevailing. Their overhaul of Wisconsin's century-old civil service system would, among other changes, eliminate hiring exams for applicants and protections for more experienced workers, create merit bonuses and centralize hiring decisions within the governor's Dept. of Administration.

Supporters insist Wisconsin must have more flexibility to quickly hire, promote and fire public workers. Opponents claim the change will open the door to cronyism.

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A Wisconsin manufacturer insists it's being reasonable with its Muslim employees. Starting this month, Ariens Company in Brillion has begun requiring its Muslim workers to pray during pre-assigned breaks, not when their faith requires prayer. The company says otherwise, the production line is disrupted. Dozens of those workers have left, but the group lobbying on their behalf is urging them to return, while it seeks negotiations.

Republican Rep. Scott Allen of Waukesha used state equipment to produce and post a Christmas video that cites Bible verses and invites non-believers to become Christians, according to Assembly Speaker Robin Vos.

In the video, Allen says, "For those who may watch this and are not Christians, I invite you to consider the hope offered by the Prince of Peace."

Michelle Maternowski

Snow, sleet and gusty winds have been making travel challenging. Plows and shovelers have not been able to keep pace with the wintry mix, while it has also limited visibility. As of 5:00 P.M., the City of Milwaukee will have dispatched 228 plows. When sanitation crews finish collecting trash on Monday, the city mounts blades onto the trucks so they can be put into service plowing streets. Salting operations have also been underway. The city is postponing garbage and recycling collections on Tuesday.

Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisholm filed a motion with the Wisconsin Supreme Court on Friday asking to intervene in court proceedings involving John Doe 2. It was investigating whether Gov. Walker's 2012 recall campaign illegally coordinated with issue advocacy groups.


For an update on this story, check out this April 2016 post: Federal Judges Ruling Moves Wisconsin Redistricting Lawsuit Forward

Original story from December 18, 2015:


The Republican bill Gov. Walker signed into law on Wednesday that will dismantle the Government Accountability Board, which has overseen state elections and ethics. The GAB will be replaced by two commissions, both comprised of political appointees.

One panel will direct elections and enforce election laws, the other will enforce the state's ethics code. The change will fully take effect on June 30, 2016.


The Wisconsin Supreme Court has set Friday, December 18 as the date the DAs involved in the secret probe of Gov. Walker's 2012 recall campaign must to decide whether to intervene. Two of the five prosecutors have declined. Of the three who remain, all Democrats, one is Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisholm.

endymion120, flickr

Lawyers for 74 African American men and the Milwaukee City Attorney have agreed to a five-million dollar settlement over allegations that members of the Milwaukee Police Department conducted unconstitutional strip and body cavity searches of the men.

Under the arrangement, they will share $2.7 million in compensation, while their attorneys will get $2.3 million. The deal will end 14 federal lawsuits the men had filed against the city alleging members of the MPD engaged in an unwritten policy of conducting unlawful searches of black men from 2008-2012. 

Kenishirotie, fotolia

In August, the state's little-known Public Records Board declared that state government does not always have to retain 'transitory' records such as emails and text messages.

jossuppy, flickr

The FBI confirms that it has dispatched agents to Lincoln Hills School for Boys to investigate claims of assaults against juveniles and of management cover-ups of problems. The state Dept. of Justice has also been investigating reports of attacks and misconduct. Some accounts allege broken arms and wrists.

Department of Corrections

The list of potential crimes being alleged at Lincoln Hills School for Boys is disturbing according to Jason Stein,  one of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporters monitoring developments.

"They include second-degree sexual assault, physical child abuse, intimidation of witnesses, misconduct in office and a number of others," says Stein.

Our weather is too warm for Milwaukee County to open the outdoor ice rink at Red Arrow Park downtown, yet the county is keeping open four golf courses this weekend- Currie, Grant, Lincoln and Whitnall.

Temperatures have been unseasonably mild this fall, and the trend is forecast to continue, at least into next week.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court ordered prosecutors to destroy all the material collected, during their secret probes into Gov. Walker's 2012 recall campaign and activities of his aides while he served as Milwaukee County Executive.  Now D.A. John Chisholm and investigators are asking Federal Judge Lynn Adelman to preserve certain materials, while remnants of the cases continue. Those include a lawsuit a former Walker aide has filed against prosecutors. They claim they could need the evidence to defend themselves.