Stephanie Lecci

Lake Effect Web Producer

Stephanie joined WUWM in September 2008 as the Coordinating Producer of the locally produced weekday magazine program Lake Effect.

Stephanie began her career as an editorial assistant at her hometown newspaper, The Oyster Bay Guardian, on Long Island, NY. She fell in love with radio while working in the news department of Northwestern University’s campus radio station, WNUR. Later Stephanie interned at WALK-FM on Long Island, NY, the Daily Herald in Elgin, IL, WGN Radio in Chicago, IL, and at WBEZ Chicago Public Radio.

Prior to joining WUWM, she worked as a freelance reporter and news producer at WBEZ Chicago Public Radio where she reported on religion and arts stories and helped prepare the local newscasts during Morning Edition and All Things Considered. Stephanie also held the position of associate producer of the nationally syndicated political radio show, Beyond the Beltway with Bruce DuMont.

Stephanie holds a bachelors degree in journalism from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.

Stephanie lives on the East Side and loves oldies music, movies and anything by Aaron Sorkin.

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Project Milwaukee
8:48 am
Tue November 16, 2010

Expanding Fruit & Vegetable Production

While Wisconsin may be number one, or close to it, in growing and producing many foods, a new agricultural report from Iowa State University finds there’s even more we could be doing in terms of fruits and vegetables. But some believe the issue is more challenging than just changing what farmers grow. Michelle Miller is associate director for the Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems at UW-Madison. She spoke with Stephanie Lecci as part of our Project Milwaukee: What's on Our Plate? series.

Project Milwaukee
8:38 am
Mon November 15, 2010

Milwaukee's Brewing Tradition

Our series on Wisconsin’s food economy wouldn’t be complete without a look at Milwaukee’s brewing tradition. Brewery historian Leonard Jurgensen owns the largest private collection of Schlitz memorabilia in the nation. Kevin Cullen is an archaeologist and educator at Discovery World in Milwaukee. He helps run the museum's "Distant Mirror" archaeology program and blog and teaches the "Ale Through the Ages: The Anthropology and Archaeology of Brewing" courses. Cullen and Jurgensen lead the museum's "Legacies of Milwaukee Brewing" tours around the city. They spoke with Stephanie Lecci.

Project Milwaukee
9:01 am
Fri June 4, 2010

Teacher Round-table

We conclude our Project Milwaukee series on MPS with an all-teacher show, including a round-table discussion with teachers from the Educators' Network for Social Justice.

Our MPS teacher round-table featured members of the Educators' Network for Social Justice, who talked about their experiences working in the district and the challenges they face.

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Project Milwaukee
8:54 am
Fri June 4, 2010


MPS teacher and blogger Jay Bullock believes it's important for teachers to speak up in the broader conversation about education reform. Bullock is an English teacher at Bay View High School. He has been blogging at "folkbum's rambles and rants" on politics, music and education for seven years. Bullock is also the education columnist for the Bay View Compass. He spoke with Stephanie Lecci as part of our “Project Milwaukee: Barriers to Achievement in MPS” series.

Project Milwaukee
5:42 pm
Wed June 2, 2010

Why the Achievement Gap for Students of Color?

UWM professors Festus Obiakor and René Antrop-González say that widespread institutional racism in MPS is holding students of color back. Festus Obiakor is a professor in the Department of Exceptional Education at UWM. He is a nationally and internationally known scholar and consultant. His research interests include at-risk learners, African American learners/urban learners, and behavior management. René Antrop-González is an associate professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. He teaches bilingual education courses, and his research interests include studying minority high achievers and urban school reform. They spoke with Stephanie Lecci for our "Project Milwaukee: Barriers to Achievement in MPS" series.

Project Milwaukee
5:17 pm
Tue June 1, 2010

Founder Wendy Kopp Defends Teach For America

Teach for America founder Wendy Kopp argues the program takes bright college grads and puts them in classrooms where teachers are needed the most. Kopp is the CEO of Teach For America, which she first proposed as part of her undergraduate senior thesis at Princeton University in 1989. She is also the chief executive of Teach For All, which develops programs similar to TFA in other countries. She is the author of One Day, All Children: The Unlikely Triumph of Teach For America and What I Learned Along the Way. She spoke with Stephanie Lecci as part of our "Project Milwaukee: Barriers to Achievement in MPS" series.

Project Milwaukee
5:03 pm
Mon May 31, 2010

Monitoring Milwaukee's Parental Choice Program

John Witte

Researcher John Witte says the evidence of success or failure is more nuanced that Ravitch would lead you to believe. Witte is a professor of public affairs and political science at the La Follette School of Public Affairs at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

He currently is studying the long-term effects of the Milwaukee school voucher program with the School Choice Demonstration Project, housed at the University of Arkansas' Department of Education Reform. He is the author of several books, including his most recent, The Market Approach to Education on educational vouchers. He also led the US Department of Education-funded Wisconsin Charter Schools Study. He spoke with Stephanie Lecci for our "Project Milwaukee: Barriers to Achievement in MPS" series.

Project Milwaukee
5:00 pm
Mon May 31, 2010

Saving Students from a Shattered System

Former MPS teacher Eldon “Cap” Lee says the key to education reform lies in rethinking the purpose of education. Lee is the co-author of Saving Students from a Shattered System: Igniting the Passion for Learning, with Mary Gale Budzisz, published by Rowman and Littlefield Education. He is also a former MPS teacher and later an administrator. He helped start the Milwaukee Village School, which closed in October 2005. He spoke with Stephanie Lecci as part of our "Project Milwaukee: Barriers to Achievement in MPS" series.

Project Milwaukee
4:57 pm
Fri May 28, 2010

Project Milwaukee Begins, Looks at Challenges in MPS

We begin our “Project Milwaukee: Barriers to Achievement in MPS” series with a brief look at the state of our schools. Ann-Elise Henzl is the executive producer of WUWM’s Project Milwaukee series and a reporter for the WUWM new room. Stephanie Lecci is Lake Effect’s coordinating producer.

Project Milwaukee
4:55 pm
Fri May 28, 2010

Education Policy vs. Education Practice

Education policy analyst Barbara Bales gives us an overview of where educational policy intersects with classroom practice. Bales is an assistant professor at the UWM School of Education in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. She is also a former middle-level teacher. Her research focuses on teacher education, teacher preparation, and the tug-of-war between local, state and national education policy. She spoke with Stephanie Lecci for our "Project Milwaukee: Barriers to Achievement in MPS" series.