Alderman: Parents Should Teach Children Acceptable Behavior

Aug 27, 2013

Milwaukee Ald. Joe Davis says the blame for violence in the city lies, in part, with residents’ upbringing.

Davis issued a statement Tuesday, in the wake of two weekend homicides in his district on the city's northwest side.

Ald. Joe Davis says violence in Milwaukee is the result of a poor upbringing

The alderman says he sees children using inappropriate and disrespectful language with adults, which he blames on a lack of a nurturing environment at home. Davis says parents set a bad example for kids, when fathers wear “sagging” pants, mothers dress “like their children,” and kids are allowed to watch “inappropriate television programming and play violent video games.”

Davis says he expects to be criticized for his “hard-line” stance on children’s behavior, yet he says he plans to challenge young men and women who are starting “lives of rebellion and promiscuity instead of a relationship with abstinence, discipline and God.”