The Art of Foreign Policy: Questions Build as Trump Policy Remains Unclear

Nov 21, 2016

The names are flying fast and furious around the transition team for the incoming Trump administration. The team itself has seen names come and go already, and potential cabinet picks are being vetted both privately and in the media.

Foreign affairs under a Donald Trump presidency make for intriguing storylines, many of which are on the radar of our foreign policy contributor, Art Cyr.

"A wild card is exactly the right term and metaphoric imagery. He was a wild card contender for president, both within the Republican party and nationally, and it's certainly true in international relations. He will represent a change," says Cyr. 

It seems most policy analysts are unsure of the kind of change this administration will bring, but Cyr says that seems to be par for the course with Trump. "I don't think we should feel too badly about that, because I'm confident he doesn't really know," he continues. "He's getting a very rapid education."