Audit: Wisconsin Needs Written Policy for Placing Sex Offenders Back in Communities

Aug 22, 2013

Wisconsin should create written guidelines for where it houses sexually violent offenders, according to the Legislative Audit Bureau.

The Legislature's Joint Committee on Audit requested the review, earlier this year. The findings indicate the state has paid an average of $1,560 per month to rent housing for offenders on supervised release. The bureau recommends the Dept. of Health Services find less expensive options, such as identify companies willing to buy and then lease space to the state.

The department responded late Thursday that it's reviewing the recommendation about codifying where to places sex offenders once they have served their time and what constitutes reasonable rent.

Deputy Secretary Kevin Moore released a statement reading, "Protecting our families and our children remains the top priority for the Department so we welcome recommendations that will protect Wisconsin taxpayers while ensuring the safety of state residents.”