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12:10 pm
Wed July 24, 2013

Book Details Long History of Doping in Sports

Lake Effect's Mitch Teich interviews author Dan Rosen on the history of doping in sports.

The news continues to sink in that Ryan Braun will sit out the rest of this season after being suspended by Major League Baseball for involvement with performance-enhancing drugs.

Dan Rosen says performance enhancing drugs have been a part of sports for centuries.
Credit Dan Rosen

His suspension will likely not be the last handed out as baseball continues to probe the now-shuttered Florida anti-aging clinic called Biogenesis.

The Braun case is also – obviously – not the first in which a high-profile athlete has been nabbed for using performance-enhancing substances. In fact, it goes back well before the high-profile cases we think of in recent memory.

Author Dan Rosen says the history of PED use in sports goes back farther than you probably realize, and he's documented the history of doping in sports in the 2008 book Dope: A History of Performance Enhancement in Sports from the Nineteenth Century to Today.

"It's been going on for at least a hundred, a hundred twenty-five years, and there's even some legends or stories of performance enhancement usage in the original Greek Olympics several millennia ago," he says.

Some things never do change.

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