Brewers Fans Cash In on Incentives

Aug 14, 2013

Brewers fans cash in on $10 vouchers
Credit LaToya Dennis

The Brewers have taken big hits this season. They’ve lost starting players to injury. They’re on pace to having their worst record in years.

Then came the blow of the league, suspending all-star Ryan Braun until next season, for doping. This month, the team began offering an incentive to keep fans coming – and it’s about equal to the money the team will save on Braun’s salary.

The Brewers are handing $10 vouchers to all people attending home games during the month of August. Fans can apply the vouchers toward tickets for another game or for concessions or merchandise.

“I’m rich.”

The guy excited about his new found “fortune” is Josh Motl.

“I heard you can save them up and combine them. (I’m) hoping to come to a lot of games this month, just like every other month. I want to combine them and I’ve been looking to buy a Carlos Gomez jersey,” Motl says.

However, Motl admits he’s a hardcore Brewers’ fan, and would not turn his back on the team, no matter how poor a season it’s having. Suspended outfielder Ryan Braun is forfeiting more than $3 million of his salary.  Fan Drew Taylor says it’s only right, the team share the wealth.

“Part of me thinks that if they would have pocketed Braun’s half a salary the rest of this year, it would have been a bit greedy of them. So I’m glad they’re putting it back into the fans. You know we’re a loyal fan base. A part of me thinks that we deserve a kickback,” Taylor says.

That so to speak kickback had things flying out of concession stands, during the last home stand.

Dennis: “So what do you plan on buying?”

“This time nachos, next time we’ll see. Cheese fries, do they let me buy beer? Couple long islands please.”