Bubbly Isn't Just for Celebrations, It's a Great Palate Cleanser

Dec 17, 2014

Credit Brent Hofacker - Fotolia.com

Hanukkah has begun and Christmas is next week. If you’re like most of us at this time of year, you’re awash in holiday parties of all kinds. 

And, festive events usually mean festive food and drinks.

What could be more festive than something bubbly? From the finest champagne to non-alcoholic sparkling cider, at least a bottle or two of something effervescent is likely to be found at any holiday gathering. But wine contributor Ray Fister says don’t wait for a party.

"Sparkling wine isn’t all about celebrating," Fister says. "It’s about enjoying the drink itself – something people don’t always think about. It’s a fun drink! It’s a great palate cleanser."

Ray Fister runs the wine blog and podcast, Life Between the Vines and also owns 5th Floor Recording in Milwaukee’s 3rd Ward.