Conditions in California Challenge Wine Makers

Aug 26, 2015

As harvesting of grapes gets into full gear, it’s an exciting time of year for wine lovers, and a busy time of year for wine makers. However, some states have been dealing with great challenges this growing and harvesting season.

The state of California faces one of the most severe droughts on record, while crews struggle to keep numerous wildfires under control. The high heat index, hazy atmosphere and lack of water present huge challenges for the state's wine makers.

The 2015 vintage will be a notable way to separate the wheat from the chaff, Lake Effect's wine contributor, Ray Fister, says.

"When you have more challenging conditions you have to look at how are you going to deal with the grapes when they were harvested, how would you shape that wine to be what you want it to be. That's really where the craft and art of wine making comes in," Fister says.