Does a Full Moon Control Us? Creighton has Answers

May 30, 2013

The moon is an essential part of our lives, being found in song, stories, science, history, mythology, and elsewhere.


Is the full moon the reason why so many crazy things happen?
Credit penguinbush, flickr

“The moon is very dramatic,” says Dr. Jean Creighton, “It is really noticeable, eye-catching. So if something strange happens and you look up and see the moon, then you make a mental note to yourself  ‘Oh, the moon was full when this crazy thing happened.’”

Dr. Creighton, the Director of the Manfred Olsen Planetarium at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, comes in this month to talk about the moon. Lake Effect’s Bonnie North asks her about popular moon myths, including:

  1. Are there more babies born during a full moon?
  2. Does a full moon affect our mental health and behavior?
  3. Do more emergencies occur during a full moon?
  4. Are menstrual cycles really lunar cycles?

Listen to the interview to find out if these are myths or if they are truth!