Ex Fabula: Gifts

Dec 17, 2016

Here we are, with the last Ex Fabula Radio Show of 2016. This year has been a doozy. Each week, we do our very best to bring you stories that thrill, entertain and move you. It’s the greatest compliment to have someone we meet say “Ex Fabula? I love your radio show.” So as the year draws to an end we thank WUWM for another year of collaboration and we thank our community for the gifts of their stories and support. Happy Holidays.

In 2015, Bill Stevens took to the stage for our “My Life of Crime” StorySlam. As Bill tells it, many years ago, with the advice of his sister, Bill bought his then-wife a large, fluffy Victoria's Secret bathrobe - it was a hit. When Bill finds himself now needing to buy a gift for his new girlfriend, he decides to go with what he knows and returns to Victoria's Secret. However, things have changed a bit and this shopping trip almost lands Bill in jail. Listen to hear why.

Storyteller Jessica Betts
Credit Ex Fabula

Our second story comes from our 2015 Waukesha Reads "Coming of Age" StorySlam. Jessica Betts was ten years old when her mother told her that Santa was not a “real”, but he was even bigger than that - he was the entire essence of Christmas, the kindness and giving and love. Jessica held onto this and when challenged at school, she said yes, she did believe in Santa. She was teased mercilessly for her admission and yet, she found a gift that day. Listen to her magical story of resilience.

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