Ex Fabula: Holiday Craze

Dec 3, 2016

We made it through the first big shopping weekend of the holiday season. On Black Friday, many of us ventured out early, either as a family outing or as a solo hunt for savings. Others skipped the stores all together and chose sweatpants over sales.

Parking is just one of the many reasons some of us chose sweatpants over savings on Thanksgiving weekend. Bringing the kids along can be another - just ask Christopher Spencer’s mother.

In November 2015, Christopher took to the Ex Fabula stage for our “My Life of Crime” StorySlam where he shared the story of being left in his mom’s running car while she “ran in to the store for a minute.” While many of us probably had similar experiences as kids, Christopher’s involved an “accidental gear shift, a fender bender, and the police." But what did his mother have to say?

Storyteller Conn Hagan
Credit Photo by Kat Schleicher

Speaking of leaving your car running, Conn Hagen shared his own mishap in January of 2011 at our “It Gets Better” StorySlam. A long time ago Conn was studying for a test at MATC. Arriving early, he parked his car and continued to study while enjoying the car’s heat and his morning. However, as he exited the car to take the exam he forgot one important thing and that was just the beginning:

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