Ex Fabula: Secret Stories from Bryant's Cocktail Lounge

Jun 25, 2014

John Dye
Credit Art Montes

In addition to their popular monthly StorySlams, Ex Fabula hosts occasional, members-only Secret Fabula events that take attendees behind the scenes of Milwaukee institutions to hear stories and secrets.

The first Secret Fabula took place on March 30, 2014 at Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge, which is located at 1579 S. 9th St and has been around since 1938, making it the country’s oldest freestanding Cocktail Lounge.

Shirley Lafferty
Credit Art Montes

During the course of the evening, there were many stories, some of which will remain secret. One that can be shared comes from current owner John Dye, who explained why he purchased the historic bar, even though, as he notes, “I did not want to buy Bryant’s." He also revealed the reasons that the bar is so dark.

Another story came from living legend and former Bryant’s cocktail waitress Shirley Lafferty, who enlightened the crowd on the benefits of amber lighting. She also talked about the Marquette students who would visit and her technique to ensure that they use proper language - as compared to the kind of language used in Pulp Fiction.

Ex Fabula members will have another chance to attend a Secret Fabula event later this summer. Then in September 2014, Ex Fabula will kick off their sixth season of monthly StorySlams.