Ex Fabula: Shenanigans

Jul 23, 2014

Deepal Doshi sharing a story at the Hi Hat Garage.
Credit Kat Schleicher

Ex Fabula shares two stories involving shenanigans. They say that bad behavior makes for good stories, and that is certainly the case for these two tales, both of which were told at Ex Fabula monthly StorySlams.

Virginia Pothier on stage at the Hot Water Wherehouse.
Credit Art Montes

  Deepal Doshi shared a story back in January 2010 at the Hi Hat Garage when the theme was “Busted." Deepal talked about the time that he and 13 bored friends had “a highly productive night” of mischief back in India. “When you’re doing nothing, patience is all you have,” he noted.

Virginia Pothier took the stage in April 2014 at the Hot Water Wherehouse. Her story on the theme of “Fool Proof” started one weekend when her parents were out of town. She was a sophomore when she and a girlfriend hatched a plan to get the attention of Don, a high school senior who happened to work as a volunteer firefighter. The plan was a disaster, a success, and in the end, a fabulous story that won her the Audience Favorite vote.

Ex Fabula’s 6th Season of StorySlams will kick off in September 2014. Prospective storytellers can visit Ex Fabula’s webpage for storytelling tips to succeeding onstage and details of upcoming storytelling workshops.