Ex Fabula: Stories About Father-Son Relationships

Jun 11, 2014

Jim Winship live on stage at an Ex Fabula event.
Credit Kat Schleicher

In honor of Father's Day, Milwaukee's Ex Fabula brings you two stories about father-son relationships.

Ex Fabula participant Andrew Larson
Credit Kat Schleicher

The first story is from Andrew Larson, who took to the stage in April 2012 when the theme was "Better Left Unsaid."

He shared his experience of coming out to his father, a "pretty conservative guy who doesn't like talking about his feelings." The process took more than fifteen years and ended in a few life-changing words. As Andrew said, "sometimes the things you think you shouldn't say are absolutely the things you have to say."

The second story comes from October 2011, when Jim Winship shared a story on the theme of "First Day".

The day in question was the day after his father's funeral. Although it wasn't an easy day, Jim and his brother eventually found themselves at a very unique concert where Jim had a revelation about family. Describing the inspiring event, Jim says "I knew that heaven was not going to be this cool."

The stories were record at Ex Fabula events. At these events, anyone can throw his or her name in the hat for a chance to share a true, personal story on stage - as long as it relates to the night's theme and can be told in 5 minutes or less.

Ex Fabula stories are a regular segment on Wednesday nights during the 9 pm of WUWM@Nite.