Ex Fabula: Wacky Love

Jul 30, 2014

Lisa Gatewood sharing a story at the Milwaukee Art Museum.
Credit Kat Schleicher

Ah, love. Romantic, sweet… and sometimes wacky. Ex Fabula brings you two true, personal stories about love gone weird – both from brave Milwaukeeans who took the stage at Ex Fabula StorySlams.

Linda Cieslik on stage at Stonefly Brewery.
Credit Art Montes

Linda Cieslik took the stage at Stonefly Brewery in February 2013. The event theme was "It’s a Date", and in this case, the date was the Love Stinks Drink, a gathering of the twice divorced on Valentines’ Day. Thanks to novocaine from the dentist and several glasses of champagne, Linda didn’t need “no effin’ valentine.” She may have disturbed the nearby couples with her antics, but she made good, using a phrase that we should all try to steal at some point, “thank you for tolerating my instruction on to your hormonally charged revels.”

Next, we hear a story from Lisa Gatewood, who took the stage in September 2010 at a special “Show and Tell” event at the Milwaukee Art Museum. She begins her tale by describing the item she has brought to show the audience, “it’s a box of love letters that were sent to a girl that was far to young to receive them…from a man who was far too old to be sending them." Who was he? How did she respond? Does he still write? Listen and find out.

Hungry for more stories? Ex Fabula events in the next weeks include Secret Fabula: Pitch Project, and evening patio event on Sunday August 24 and then the Season 6 Kickoff on Thursday September 18th.