Ex Fabula: Welcoming Our New Board

Jul 1, 2017

Summer is in full swing and so are we at Ex Fabula. While our StorySlams may be on summer vacation, we’ve been hard at work creating more workshops, community collaborations and public outreach for Season 9. We’ve also recently elected a new Ex Fabula Board President along with welcoming several other new board members. In fact, we have actually DOUBLED the size of the Ex Fabula Board of Directors along with hiring a new event producer. Exciting things will be happening in Season 9. Speaking of Season 9, head on over to ExFabula.org to cast your vote for your favorite Season 9 StorySlam Themes.

This pre-holiday weekend we’re featuring stories from some awesome ladies who just so happen to be new members of the Ex Fabula Board of Directors. 

Raina J. Johnson, our new Board Secretary, told her very first Ex Fabula story at our April, “Only In Milwaukee,” StorySlam. Raina grew up using public transit with her mom. She continued riding the bus well into adulthood, knowing the routes like the back of her hand. Then she turned 26 and the guy she was dating decided she should learn how to drive. Little did she know that having her driver’s license wasn’t the ticket to freedom she thought it would be.

Storyteller Meghan Koven
Credit Art Montes

Our next story comes from our new Board President (and longtime Ex Fabula Storyteller and volunteer), Meghan Koven. Meghan had her own “Only In Milwaukee” story to share last April at 3041 North. Meghan learned to drive in the parking lot of the legendary Milwaukee County Stadium. The parking lots became like her personal playground, a place to do spin outs and speed races; until the night the red and blue lights in the rear view terrified her boyfriend in the passenger side more than any risk of grounding would ever scare Meghan:

Tune in next week for stories celebrating summer festivals and don’t forget to vote for your favorite themes!