Expanding Grocery Chains Mean More Competition in Milwaukee

Feb 18, 2014

There's increased competition among grocery retailers in the greater Milwaukee area.
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The grocery retailer Meijer is building a store on Burleigh in Wauwatosa. The community will soon be home to about a half-dozen major grocers.

A plan to open a Whole Foods near Highway 45 and Burleigh is also in the works. Nearby, Pick ‘N Save, Target and Walmart all sell food.

Grocery competition has been on the rise in the Milwaukee market, according to supermarket research consultant David Livingston. He says consumers will continue deciding the winners and losers.

Wauwatosa City Council President Dennis McBride says "location" is the biggest reason five grocers are locating within a four mile radius. However, McBride says it's likely not all of the grocery stores will stay in business.