Forget the Brats - Veggies Take Over the Grill

Jul 23, 2013

For many of us, summer cuisine means steaks, or chicken breasts, or kebabs, or brats, outside, over an open flame.

Peppers are just one delicious vegetable that gets new life on the grill.
Credit WoodleyWonderWorks/Flickr

And for sure, this is the ideal time of the year to do some grilling.  But Milwaukee chef, educator – and Lake Effect contributor – Michael Feker thinks of something else when it comes to summer grilling: vegetables.

He also has some tips for bringing extra flavor to your food: smoked salt.

"(It brings) amazing flavor that – once you’re done with your grilled piece of meat, you just grind a little bit of salt over it, and everybody goes, 'Where did that smoke flavor come from?'" he says. "Or you can start selling it to your best friends."

Feker is the purveyor of Il Mito restaurant in Wauwatosa and Il Mito East in Milwaukee, and the host of a weekly TV show – “Feker’s Kitchen."