Governor Proposes Fast Track Property Tax Cut

Oct 10, 2013

Gov. Walker and Republican leaders have unveiled a plan to provide $100 million in property tax relief.

It could come in time to lower bills this year.

Walker says the Legislature will gather in special session next week to consider the proposal. The sponsors say state money is available for property tax relief, because "prudent fiscal management" has enabled Wisconsin to accumulate a surplus.

The legislative leaders who stood alongside the governor Thursday in announcing the plan were Senators Alberta Darling, Scott Fitzgerald and Mike Ellis and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos.  According to the GOP leaders, the tax cut plus other changes they've made since 2011, will save the typical Wisconsin homeowner $680 over four years. Ellis said, "I don't know why anybody would be opposed to this."

Assembly Democratic Leader Peter Barca released a statement criticizing Republicans for rushing a plan through in a week's time without "serious scrutiny" and informing Democratic leaders.

Barca says, according to the Legislative Fiscal Bureau, the proposed property tax cut would save the typical homeowner about $20.

Walker unveiled his plan, three days after Democrat Mary Burke announced she will run for governor in 2014.