Governors Work to Create Jobs for People with Disabilities

Aug 3, 2013

Governor Walker says he’s committed to creating more job opportunities for people with disabilities.

Gov. Walker addresses reporters at the National Governors Association meeting in Milwaukee Friday morning
Credit Erin Toner

At its meeting in Milwaukee this weekend, the National Governors Association is releasing a blueprint states can follow. The NGA says more than two-thirds of working-age adults with disabilities are outside the labor force. Walker says he hopes to develop a comprehensive plan by next year to help employers better understand the value of hiring people with disabilities.

"Sometimes there’s a misconception and sometimes there’s legitimate outright concern about modifications to the workplace, legal issues. One thing we talked about this morning was doing some follow up with employers in our state, and not ignoring these issues, but (asking), what can be done in that regard? So that we’re not brushing it over, but we’re not using it as an excuse not to employ people in any of those categories," Walker says.

The National Governors Association meeting runs through Sunday in downtown Milwaukee. The leaders will also discuss how states are implementing the Affordable Care Act, and how to update aging infrastructure.