How James Foley's Death Could Influence U.S. Policy in Syria

Aug 26, 2014

Marquette University will hold a public vigil for the 1996 graduate James Foley tonight at the Church of the Gesu, at 11th and Wisconsin.

Hundreds gathered at Marquette University Tuesday night to remember slain journalist James Foley. 

Foley was executed last week by militants from the Islamic State organization, which had taken him hostage nearly two years ago, as he attempted to cover the conflict in Syria. They had reportedly demanded a ransom from the United States in exchange for Foley's life, before abruptly killing him last week.

The turmoil in Syria is on the mind of Lake Effect's foreign policy contributo. Art Cyr spoke with Lake Effect's Mitch Teich about the meaning of Foley's death and the reported ransom demand that preceded it.

"It's always been dangerous to be a combat correspondent, and they deserve and get special respect," Cyr says.