How Sweet It Is: Dessert Wines for the Holidays

Nov 3, 2016

It’s November, and the holiday juggernaut is almost upon us.  And if you drink, it’s a time you might be buying more wine than you normally would.  But if you don’t know a lot about wine, this can be a daunting task.

Wine contributor Ray Fister has the answers, and one of his recommendations includes trying out different dessert wines during the holidays.

"The things about them is they're very comforting, especially when it's cold," he says. "They just have a wonderful all-around feeling...and I go back to the Riesling because it's lighter and it has an incredibly intense taste."

Fister also gives some recommendations of both great tasting and reasonably priced wines, as well as pointers on wine tastings without getting overwhelmed (or drunk):

Ray Fister is the co-creator and voice of the wine blog and podcast Life Between the Vines. He is also the owner and engineer of 5th Floor Recording Company in Milwaukee, and he’s a regular Lake Effect contributor.