Johnson Hopes to Hear Security Initiatives in State of the Union Speech

Jan 20, 2015

Wisconsin U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson hopes President Obama will talk about how to better protect Americans from terror, in his State of the Union address.

President Obama will deliver his State of the Union address Tuesday night.

Republican Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin is the new chairman of the Senate Homeland Security committee.

He hopes the president devotes much of his speech to how he intends to better protect Americans.

"The world is witnessing the growth of Islamic terror, the growth of Isis, the attacks in Sydney and Paris.  This isn't going away.  Americans are looking for policies and leadership that will keep Americans safe and secure, in terms of national security and economic security," Johnson says.

What President Obama is expected to outline tonight, is a plan to increase taxes on the wealthiest Americans and apply the money toward new tax credits for the middle class.

Johnson says the president's plan has no chance of passing through Congress.

It's beginning its new session with Republicans controlling both houses.